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Japan's new laws: pet dog and cat to compulsory embedded RFID chips

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
'Excuse me, does this dog belong to you? Your chip code? How do you keep it so fat, strives for the recipe! '' this is my cat! Its own run out and globe trekker, you pick up your code is my name, I am a master you still dare to raise? 'The above dialogue, perhaps will occur after today. These two days, the Japanese cat slave, shovel excrement officers to a good news, the Japanese house of representatives has passed an animal protection law amendment, pet dog and cat to obligations under the implants, in case the owners abandoned, abused, etc. If you dare to kill, harm pet, will be sentenced to be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than 4 years, or 5 million yen ( RMB 320000) The following penalties. Look this chip good magic ah! It looks like, for the cats and dogs also have what good? Pet chip is what? Pet chips, at first listen to black science and technology, but technology is not complicated, this technique is RFID ( The abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification) , that is, radio frequency identification, alias electronic tags. Application of this technology's extensive oh, big to the Internet of things intelligent transport system based on RFID, small to village entrance guard, can use it. With other technology is not the same, this kind of technology let chip become small and cheap, of course, the most important thing is that can be used for high-speed movement of objects ( Such as dogs, cats) On. Pet chips, usually low frequency RFID tag, this kind of chip itself also need not battery, through the signal from the scanner to produce induced current, rely on the energy, the information will be stored in the chip to send out, and the scanner and receive recognition. That looks like black pet chip technology and actually would have spread in some overseas countries. Not letter, you see: the pet chips have eu rules pets entry must be implanted chip; Is no legal requirement, but americans tend to give their pets implanted chip; Britain, Israel and New Zealand law are compulsory for the dog must be implanted chip; Australia for cat and dog must be within 12 weeks ago placed tiny chips; China's customs department, also carry the pet entry must have chips or other valid identity certificate. That the chip will hurt of your pet? Injection of chips don't need to anesthesia and surgery. Real operations, like vaccinated, into subcutaneous push gently with a syringe, immediately. Pet chip volume is quite small, also have biological coating outside, 'long' after implantation can help the pet chip under the skin, you know, the pet body also won't have what rejection, also do not affect beautiful. Pet chip also has a unique ID code in the world, is currently the world's most advanced pet management, implants after a pet has a unique identity, through read equipment, can determine the binding information. Implanted at a time, a lifetime use ( But it is best to check once a year) , can be said to be 'once and for all'. Pet chip has been used in many countries in Europe and the United States has more than 20 years, more than 90% of pet owners give their love dandle implanted chip, pet chip has been proved to be quite safe. 'What's the pet chips for? The role of pet chips is not identify themselves. For example, if the dog lost, to be picked up by a person, you said this is your dog, because you have confirmed and it also has the response, but people just don't give you pick up a dog, the dog is no concrete evidence, it's hard to say. And the chip's dog, the dog owners can scan the chip number by pet hospital, and his hand check the chip on the certificate number, also can by querying the chip information management system, to confirm the real owners. Here, I'll give you a warm heart case: Britain's former chancellor of the exchequer George osborne, his pet cat Frey, has lost for three years. Missing three years, it is said that in the mice from 11 downing street as his run to number 10 downing street, lead to the then British prime minister Cameron mice with rampant. In 2012, a veterinarian by Fred and subcutaneous chip found Frey. In addition, pet chips that can record the pet health and medical records. To the vet, the doctor need not ask, just scan, can quickly bring up the pet's medical history, to understand its various aspects condition. Speak so much, really want to say is, a qualified master, gaze at her house pet is the most important thing, don't let the TA secretly run out; These black technology in case of special circumstances. If you decide to start pets, please be kind to animals, please love their pet as long as I live. You will find that they love you more and more. return
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