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Laundry RFID intelligence solution?

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
With the development of modern civilization and the changing of the fashion industry, the demand for laundry service is becoming more and more strong. There is a demand of the market, also has related to. Across the country have all kinds of laundry, RFID technology management of dry cleaning industry? 1. The working process of the system counter workers collect customer's clothes, the customer information and clothing in RFID tags, and then the RFID tags on the clothes. Clothes are wrapped with RFID tags and send to the laundry factory. Bag all the clothes in the RFID tags by a UHF RFID reader read, check the data and use the laundry task list. After confirmation, clothes received switching between a network and a laundry factory to complete. After sorting clothes, it into the laundry process. Classifying the clothes washing is completed, through classification and packaging, the reader read again all clothes of RFID tags information packet, and use the corresponding washing task list to check the data, and send it to each collection point, after confirmation. When the customer pick up the clothes, the clothes room check the customer's receipt and RFID tag information. After confirmed, customer pick up the clothes. 2. System hardware is introduced mainly the hardware is required to complete the hairpin, read and write, and other functions. Hardware needs to be as follows: A. Card issuers. It is specially designed for RFID tags to release, which can realize fast hairpin. Anti-interference characteristics. B。 The RFID reader. It is a kind of support multiple tag multi-protocol read high-performance products at the same time. At the same time support four external antenna, antenna input costs. C。 External antenna. The system USES circular polarization antenna, make tag reads and writes the effect is not affected by the label position, the working distance of 5 - 7 meters. D。 RFID laundry tags. The system USES specially designed for laundry industry washing label. Tags with rubber materials packaging, waterproof, high strength, flexible, high temperature resistant, cleaning, etc. 3. System function module and function which is mainly composed of the following eight function modules: collect the counter, counter picking, laundry plant, clothing inventory, clothing query, clothing, customer management, system Settings. 一个。 Reception counter. This module includes the issuing machine function module and receive clothes counters. Counter staff through the user information and clothing information written to the card issuing machine, at the same time, the information stored in the database, and automatically generate task list, the task list and packing clothes to the laundry factory. Characteristics: this module can quickly complete the receiving function, faster than manual video, more efficient, greatly reduces the error rate. B。 Picking the module by the card reader and counter the counter has chosen function module and inventory of function modules. Counter workers can automatically by the clothing counting function to quickly find customers need clothes. Then removed by the card reader automatically clean clothes. Features: this module can realize the function of the automatic search clothing, greatly improve the work efficiency. At the same time, the full automatic settlement amount, eliminate human intervention, improve security. C。 The function including card reader and inventory clothing inventory function module. Operators can quickly, accurately and efficiently to complete inventory work clothing stores. At the same time, the function module can also provide quick search function, and comply with the counter for my clothes. Features: the module through the card reader to complete the automatic counting, can quickly complete the inventory. And equipped with a quick search function. Done manually tedious work before is now fully automated. D。 Laundry factory transfer the functions performed by card reader and transfer function module. Transfer of personnel by installing delivery clothes in the laundry factory reader scan, check the scans and task list, and confirm the delivery of the clothing and the actual delivery of clothes. Features: switch the module fully automated confirmation work. Not only can improve the work efficiency, also can reduce the probability of error. E. Clothing asks the function performed by clothing query function module. You can check the status of all clothes, such as the clothes in the washing or shelf state. Provide detailed data for the employees and managers. Features: it can provide more detailed data for the employees and managers. You can also print the query data and sending them to the EXECL. F。 Clothing statistics the functions performed by statistical module. Can press time, the customer categories provide statistical data and provide the decision of the data base. Features: it can provide more detailed data for the employees and managers. You can also print the query data and sending them to the EXECL. The system applies the RFID technology to personal identification and management of clothing. Based on UHF RFID technology, has realized the laundry industry fast picking, sorting, automatic counting, clothing efficient work platform, greatly improving the work efficiency, reduce the error probability.
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