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Luxury sole RFID anti-counterfeiting

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
SalvatoreFerragamo Italian luxury-goods group has revealed their electronic label tracking scheme for the first time. Ferragamo embedded microchips in shoes and handbags, against fake goods manufacturers. According to bloomberg, begin from 2014, most of Ferragamo shoes left foot bottom is embedded with the radio frequency identification technology ( 无线电频率识别、射频识别) Labels, RFID is a kind of bar code technology, high-tech can recognize and track everything from food to weapons specific goal. Since then, Ferragamo will gradually this technology into men's shoes, women's shoes, and leather goods. Ferragamo said, RFID tags will allow them to track products, strengthen efforts to crack down on fake goods. The more widespread use of RFID tags is retail commercial it to manage inventory. Zara, the parent company, the world's largest clothing retailer Inditex, said on Wednesday that by the end of this year, RFID will be widely applied to Zara more than 2000 stores worldwide. Ferragamo for the use of RFID technology, manifests the brand determination to crack down on fake goods and the 'gray market', from slowing demand ( Especially the Chinese market) Find the breakthrough. Ferragamo Asian market sales are weak, co-operate with Chinese authorities last year, destroy, or seized 2. 50000 pieces of fakes, intercepted 9100 fake products online advertising. Over the past year, Ferragamo destruction or confiscated fake in China ( Including the customs directly the goods for inspection) Worth more than $17 million, more than half of them are belt. return
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