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Manufacturers of plastic luggage tag

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
Shenzhen Goldbridge is a Chinese professional manufacturer of plastic luggage tag. Plastic luggage tag USES a very wide range, they are widely used in all walks of life. More common are usually in the bus station, railway station, airport, hotel, travel agency, etc. Shenzhen Goldbridge production of plastic luggage tag style a lot. So far, we have nearly 17 years of experience in plastic luggage tag. We have many cooperation customers, they all over the country all walks of life. As China's oil pharmaceutical group, huaxia bank, bank of China, tencent, China southern airlines, shenzhen airlines and other famous enterprises. Of course there are also many overseas clients. I plant the production of plastic luggage tag, can be done by SGS, RoHS international certification standards in an all-round way. Shenzhen Goldbridge specialized is engaged in the plastic luggage tag, we offer our customers from design, open mode, proofing, production etc. The whole process of service. If you are looking for manufacturers of plastic luggage tag, so shenzhen Goldbridge will be your first choice. We can provide customers with hundreds of plastic luggage tag sample for your reference. Specifications, size, color, style, shape, pattern and so on personalized tailor can be customized according to your request.
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