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Marty natalegawa NFC technology - Public transportations can use the phone!

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
Mobile NFC is a very practical and fun near field communication technology, besides can be used in mobile payment, through the small label, can also realize the function of a lot of fun is dye-in-the-wood. Mobile NFC can play like that? Recently, the reporter found that through the mobile phones have NFC, already can try WeChat prepaid phone function. As long as there is NFC module (picked up And make it in an open position) The android mobile phone, and then open the WeChat and place your sheep city through the back of the phone ( Placed in the NFC read location) , you can easily top-up step by step. The reporter understands, at present this feature is still in trial stage, the current apple users can't enjoy. NFC is close to the wireless communication technology, NFC mobile phones means an NFC module. At present, there are many android phones have NFC function. Huawei mate7, for example, opening 'Settings - More - NFC ', then select 'allows the phone to accept other devices to exchange data', is equivalent to open the NFC function. After completion of this step will give transportations to prepaid phone, need to open the WeChat page, and then place the transportations to the back of the phone. The location of the required alignment is NFC read, near or cover camera alignment with position after WeChat will pop up 'lingnan tong, transportations to top-up ( A trial version) 'Interface, then choose a different amount of prepaid phone, through the selected WeChat pay and the input pays a password to complete, then take public transportations back again after reading, can realize the top-up. Reporters found that experience is optional top-up amount including 20 yuan, 50 yuan, 100 yuan and 200 yuan. According to understand, now only have NFC function android smartphones, and installation of 6. Above 2 version WeChat software to try, apple users can't enjoy for the time being. return
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