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Medical and health protection products of intelligent packaging revolution

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
There is no doubt that the coronavirus has become a global crisis, in order to avoid infection, people pay more attention to personal hygiene, leading to the demand of personal hygiene items rose sharply in the past few months. Due to a lack of supply, fake and inferior products on the market spread rapidly, which makes people began to realize the safety of health products. Consumers need to know before purchasing the following product information: 1) It come from? ( Country of origin) 2) When did you do? ( Use the term/shelf life) 3) What does it do? ( Product standards) 4) Is safe? ( Not fake products) In general, verify that the information could take a long time, the RFID technology to solve these problems provides a perfect solution. Party can take advantage of the RFID record product from manufacturing to sales of the whole value chain of the whole process. In fact, the RFID are difficult to counterfeit. Consumers can use their smart phones to pick product information and processes. Compared with other technology such as qr code, anti-counterfeiting printing, RFID provides a higher level of security, and the validation process is more simple and direct. Overall, the RFID guaranteed the product and data security. People might question cost required for RFID inputs, for low-priced products, increase the cost of a few cents is likely to be a big problem. But, in fact, the RFID technology is widely used in retail industry, there are a lot of cases, and studies have shown that the RFID application value, especially in the FMCG industry. It is clear that using RFID ( Product safety, logistics visibility, inventory management and customer experience) After the benefits more than the cost in the value chain, RFID technology will surely become a medical/health products market trend of technology. Please keep in mind that safety and health is priceless. Since March 2020, cinda content couplet and zero content combination, provide surgical masks with RFID intelligent packaging and tracking solution. In this project, the RFID tag manufacturers cinda content couplet designed a series of surgical masks of RFID intelligent packaging, manufacturers of surgical masks can be applied to the packaging process. More importantly, the packaging design is fragile, once opened will be destroyed. 'When we design intelligent packaging, we spent a lot of time to focus on the safety of the product. 'Cinda united marketing center general manager Mr. Huang said. According to business needs, mask manufacturers can choose in each surgical masks or intelligent packaging used in each box. Once the mask products with RFID tags, all business activities including packing, transportation, inventory in and out until the point of sale, even for consumer behavior can make use of RFID equipment and system to track and record. 'I'm glad our RFID tracking platform, DragonSpace support this project. 'Zero content couplet chief executive Henry Lau said:' our cloud platform is well-known brand for retail industry, in product data management. The stability and speed of the platform has been validated. '' from a technical point of view, medical masks and tracking clothing no difference, but the former does not have the significance, especially in the current situation. 'With DragonSpace cloud platform, consumers only need to use a smart phone to scan surgical masks of RFID intelligent packaging, related history and product information will be displayed. No matter in any time, any place, consumers can now be identified in a second mask is counterfeit products. return
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