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Medicine medicine RFID system, help monitor patients

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
Has been prescribed in the elderly medication on time problem bothering many elderly patients and their families, now more and more left-behind elderly health problems become the focus of attention, especially the relative to the old man is always more alone at home a miss and worry about it. Currently most into the elderly over the age of 70 are unavoidably beset by health, take medicine on time has become a normal life, but at the moment, the old man memory is weakened, occasionally will forget to take medicine, and some of the drugs must be unluckily. To solve this problem, early this year, a company named PillDrill launched a drug distribution system based on RFID, aims to help patients with drugs and monitoring management. The solution is based on a built-in called PillDrill RFID reader device called a Hub. Users can in the bottle, medicine package containers such as passive RFID tags attached. The company also provides a RFID weekly drug distributor, built-in seven attached removable pill container RFID tags. Once the user write on PillDrill website plan, the Hub will be in need of medication in light, sound, according to drug information, to alert users to medicine. After taking medicine, the user can swing on the Hub motioned the proper container. This information is PillDrill transmission via WiFi connection to the server, and then the relative can be in the application view to ensure correct medication. At present, PillDrill use only apple version. In addition, relatives or caregivers can also be through email or SMS to receive this information. In addition, the system has a Mood of Cube component, there are five facial images, printed above each facial depict different emotional states, in order to correspond to the user or the current psychological pain level: good, good, in general, is bad, very bad. Patients choose the proper label, slide caregivers can know patients or relatives. When it comes to PillDrill system development reason, Peter Havas founder said: 'his parents in Australia, he need to know whether parents in accordance with the requirements for hospital services. 'The company said, the annual due to improper use the extra health care costs $100 billion. return
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