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Meet COVID - in an all-round way 19 the impact on the health care system, the IoT platform based on RFID technology

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
In response to COVID - 19 the impact on the existing health care system, and satisfy the demand of the health care industry at present, Brazil a RFID company launched an innovative solution that can track the patients and medical staff and hospital asset, and adjust the department of health medical platform, in order to better serve the health care industry. The company CEO grau gomez (josiah Glaúcia Gomes) Said he 'is put forward to the health department proposal about innovative technical solutions, to assist and support the agency problems in the aspect of tracking patients and hospital assets, as well as COVID - Other aspects of the problems related to 19. , 'he added:' our single grade intelligent solution will RFID, GPS sensor combined with a IoT of Mojix data platform, so as to realize real-time monitoring of the patient and medical equipment location and historical trace, at the same time in terms of managing complex events produce alerts and notification. 'Mojix platform operation example, according to the grau west Asia in the field of medical use IoT solutions may save a life, because it can reduce the medical cost, reduce the burden of health care system currently overtaxed. 'Technology of IoT and big data can provide important support for the health care industry in a number of ways and major improvements. However, in view of the current emergency, this time, we will focus on the most urgent problems. 'The first goal is to raise 99 inventory visibility. 5%, reducing the workload of medical staff about 10 times, and will look up the time needed for the location of the patients and staff by 99%. The platform can also be real-time access to critical data, and at the same time reduces the time cost of location of medical assets 10 times. In addition, reduce medical assets loss and prevent theft is also a key. Another purpose is to realize the hospital patients and medical staff of traceability. Recognition by tracking technology and RFID interface equipped hospital wristband, the system provides real-time information about the patients' position in the designated area, and facility location within the traceability of history. Grau Asia said: 'this can help medical personnel to determine the facilities within each region in time, stop time, medical asset location, and support the timely distribution of nursing and alert when entering the area. 'Company platform can realize the streets, urban and rural areas of traceability. With GPS mobile applications can monitor personnel flow of urban and rural areas, and globally defined geographical area. This solution can help detect patients in May's position before and after the infection, and determine possible contact with the people. Grau Asia also pointed out that in addition to provide service for patients, on the hospital equipment of RFID tags to track the location of each asset and availability. 'This in a medical center team sharing under the condition of medical diagnostic tool is particularly useful, because you can find them quickly. '' for those who do not meet the best running state or the need to maintain the equipment, can give them to create free time notice, thereby reducing downtime and possibly in the process to save lives. 'In terms of tracking, the platform using RFID tags on medical supplies. 'Based on mobile applications, RFID tags can be associated with each item, which installed in the key nodes of RFID, speaking, reading and writing tests lending and return of the item. 'The system for any insufficient assets into the penalty area, over time, medical and preventive maintenance personnel to produce alerts, including a listing and inventory report, real-time and historical statistics of the mobile roadmap, thermal imaging figure, etc. RFID read-write device is installed in personnel through the main gate. Here, the device will wake up and read the attachment in the medical assets, employees, and patients with RFID tags signal, again through Mojix IoT and big data processing information platform, to help medical staff query assets detected in facilities within the last position. The platform also includes intelligent entrance guard management, product security authentication, asset tracking and management, beds and operating room management and quick response to emergency situations, validity verification products, child care, laundry management, loss prevention, and other applications. return
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