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Milk powder at the bottom of the packaging are equipped with RFID tags 'yard traceability system for the baby grow

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
Milk powder is one of the important source of nutrition for babies, so treasure mom will be considered when selecting the milk powder, from various aspects to consider. Among them, the country of origin of the milk powder and nutrients are two important measures. After all, a good milk is the basis of high quality good milk, while high nutrient formula can help the baby grow up healthily. It is reported, the Austrian Alps organic farm fresh air, fertile soil, grass luxuriant, for cows to build high quality environment. In addition, the pure MingYiMu column infant formula derived from the west gate of the rare tal cow, its average rate of milk protein and milk fat rate to about 20% higher than that of ordinary holstein cows. At the same time, in order to guarantee the integrity of the raw milk, organic farms from maintenance to cows milk, always strictly follow the organic standards, and equipped with professional doctors and nutritionists, do not use any chemical fertilizer and antibiotics, constantly monitor the health of dairy cows. And in terms of nutrients, pure organic infant formula specially MingYiMu column added gold lactoferrin, patent Bb - one hundred 12 probiotics and is known as 'the king of carrier minerals of casein peptide phosphate ( CPP) , can give baby six heavy organic protection. Among them, the lactoferrin can effectively increase the baby's immune function, inhibit inflammation, give play to the role of antiviral; Bb - 12 probiotics can relieve skin and respiratory irritation, promote the intestinal flora balance; Casein peptide phosphate ( CPP) Can promote the baby to the absorption of calcium, iron, zinc and utilization, reduce caused by calcium do not absorb 'hard poo, enhance immunity, help the baby healthy growth. It is worth mentioning that in each tank MingYiMu bar pure organic infant formula at the bottom of the outer packing has an RFID electronic tag, the treasure mom available mobile NFC query to the milk powder manufacturers, production time, product batch number, milk and other specific information. This system, a yard back 'treasure mom can buy more at ease. 'All for children', as an international brand slogan said, MingYiMu bar pure organic infant formula with gold milk and rich nutrition two advantages, can provide more considerate care for the baby, the escort for the baby grow. return
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