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'MIPay' on mobile payment war intensified

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
Science and technology launched on August 30, millet millet, for mobile payments already full of smoke intensified. Mobile payment market in China is in rapid growth, from analysys, a think-tank, statistics show that in 2015, our country third party mobile payment market scale reached 16. 3626 trillion yuan, the scale of mobile payment has paid more than a PC for the first time. There is a market that in 2016, as more mobile phone manufacturer, and other hardware manufacturers and other parties to join, will become the mobile phone near field pay first, and in the future if these companies can set up own payment system and develop the user habit, from pay-and-escrow grab entrance, perhaps will be a new transfer for near field pay. Apple: cooperate with China unionpay to ApplePay formally into China as early as December 18, 2015, apple and China unionpay has announced ApplePay formal in China. ApplePay related products and technology, strictly follow the national financial industry, and mobile payment standard, and will be in accordance with the relevant Chinese regulatory requirements to complete testing and certification, after formally to China unionpay card holders to open this service. ApplePay officially put into use after, China unionpay card holders can add their unionpay card to the iPhone, AppleWatch, and on the device. Payment can be as simple as by finger touch in an instant. In support of merchants use ApplePay shopping doesn't need to open an app or wake up the screen. Through the iPhone built-in NFC antenna near support unionpay pay POS terminals, the cloud at the same time put the finger on the TouchID can quickly complete the payment. Samsung: China construction bank and China unionpay cooperation hand in hand with dragon SamsungPay this year, samsung, China construction bank and China unionpay cooperation hand in hand with dragon SamsungPay, continue to lead the mobile payment of the road of innovation. Dragon SamsungPay traditional function of bank CARDS and a mobile phone to fully integrated mobile electronic devices, such as through SamsungPay online application and download the client enabled, you can phone replacement card to realize safe and convenient payment. Dragon SamsungPay has started on February 24, 2016 domestic open beta phase. Card is also a desciption of the air and the mobile phone to pay, compared with the previous products, SamsungPay provides a better solution, in addition to the embedded flash pay way, samsung mobile phones at the same time have the MST ( The magnetic signal secure transport) Technology, also supports the traditional magnetic stripe card reading terminal, customers can in general the POS will easily pay phone back close to the card slot, the trial is wider, lower equipment requirements of the merchant. As a result, almost all the POS domestic all can accept, let the customer for unlimited anytime convenient payment, just a few seconds flick phone instead of wallet and the money or chose card of pay ready to move, have SamsungPay, whether it be a lock screen, black screen, or the main screen, as long as the sliding upward from the HOME button, select the construction bank card, through fingerprint authentication, then the phone near the POS card slot area or NFC induction area, can complete the payment. Huawei: HuaweiPay cooperation with bank of China signed an agreement after apple, samsung, domestic manufacturers also stirring. According to local media reports, huawei and the bank of China signed an agreement to prepare HuaweiPay cooperation. At present, the two sides have signed a contract, to carry out the intelligent terminal and cooperation in the field of mobile payment card, users, pay, terminal tripartite win-win situation. Unionpay, executive vice President, said Chai Hongfeng unionpay mobile payment new brand 'cloud lightning pay' since its launch, for commercial Banks, handset makers, regulators and other industries the attention and support, and is attracting more and more consumer experience of using. The cooperation with huawei, will promote more by benchmarking effect domestic mobile phone manufacturers to participate in the development of mobile payment industry. It is reported, China unionpay cooperation with huawei, unionpay card holders will be on mobile phones have HuaweiPay, security management and use of the unionpay card. In the future, huawei mobile phone users on mobile devices can use the unionpay card to verify and activate the 'air card', you can enjoy the unionpay flash pay 'cloud' offline not receive payment and online remote two main functions. Launch 'millet millet: with China unionpay payment' on August 30, this year announced millet technology with China unionpay launched 'millet payment', and will be held on September 1, conference on 'millet pay' ( MIPay) Do that. This also means that millet become after apple, samsung, became a joint unionpay launched mobile payment of mobile phone manufacturers. Millet pay the launch of the is, as it were, millet company another important progress in the field of finance. For this cooperation, millet, millet the first batch of payment will support more than 10 Banks credit and debit CARDS. Millet transit ways, to participate in the public beta rice report has opened in shenzhen, Shanghai, the two cities and four provinces of bus card, tube pass in the test. Two services will be released on September 1, after the official opening. Mobile payment as a safer, more convenient payment technology is increasingly mature, technology innovation has brought life consumption, application scenario ApplePay, SamsungPay, HuaweiPay arises at the historic moment, millet and other mobile payment products, to promote the global payments to change, will bring the cardholder more convenient payment security, fashion cool new experiences. return
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