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Nanjing next year will introduce 'civil credit card'

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
Nanjing, nanjing municipal government issued 'to create a national demonstration city of credit action plan, including clear in 2016 by nanjing each related department to promote' civil credit card 'to the ground. 'Red list' of creating honest citizen evaluation and release system, complete the country's social credit system construction of the demonstration city create a task, to ensure that credit information collection, sharing and application of clear, establish and improve joint credit rewards and punishment mechanism. Administrative punishments will be announced in the 'good faith' nanjing site reporters learned that nanjing will formulate before march 'nanjing public credit information collection and use of management interim measures' and 'nanjing social legal person, natural person joint credit rewards and punishment method' and other rules and regulations, the relevant units for the corresponding specific measures. The nanjing orbit transportation civilization to credit management interim measures ', the measures for the administration of nanjing credit service organizations and their employees are set by the related department to lead, gradually implement. In the future, nanjing integrating open credit information collection, exchange, sharing, application of the public channels to strengthen construction of public credit information system. All localities and departments have been built, under construction information system to realize interconnection and sharing information exchange. Except as expressly stated laws and regulations, to the application for project of the new department information system, that is not clear and measures of public credit information center sharing, would exclude the examination and approval; Information system of construction department, everyone and public credit information center interconnection of sharing information, all may not through the acceptance. Establish common citizens, legal persons and other organizations, the social credit system code. In January next year, the administrative licensing, administrative penalty and other information based on 'credit China' web site, and synchronization in the 'integrity of nanjing' sites such as publicity. Library, bus field will try credit card in addition, the plan of action is clear, in nanjing will push the future citizens credit card, realize citizen CARDS loaded credit information data base function. The integration of public credit information ( Including all kinds of advanced model of honor and the social public benefit activities, etc) , and provide convenient information query, maintenance functions such as mobile phone APP. In the field of public libraries, public transportation trial citizen credit card, a breakthrough in the application. Plan also made clear in the next year by the city, the credit department, the city metro group, city public credit information center, the card company responsible for, strengthen credit management in rail transit system and the mechanism of rewards and punishments work, and further promote to other transportation. Citizen credit card using range will also be expanded to the national tax, land tax, industry and commerce, environmental protection, public security, health and other fields. Nanjing will explore establishing honest citizens 'red list' of the system of evaluation and release. Departments specific industry management policies in the related field, comprehensive utilization of citizens personal credit information, the city within the scope of implementation in nanjing linkage of credit regulation and credit system of rewards and punishments. Safe, orderly and smooth traffic is a target for the future development of intelligent transportation. The development of intelligent transportation has been on a step, however, as the growth of the city traffic, traffic congestion, the future intelligent transportation need to solve the question also many, is more difficult. Intelligent transportation is a dose of traffic is frequently mentioned in recent years a 'cure', also is the standard wisdom urban construction blueprint. However, intelligent transportation can really let all traffic problem solved? The answer is no. Intelligent transportation must be reduced congestion, more orderly and more smooth. Assume that intelligent transportation reduce the traffic jam, it may be more people to buy a car, will bring more problems. This is we have to consider in the building of the intelligent transportation system. return
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