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New retail supermarket solutions help ''

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
In 2018 is the industry recognized as 'the first year of new retail'. Alibaba 'supermarket' launched in July. It triggered a new retail trends. What is no supermarket? No one is the upgrade version of traditional convenience store supermarket. It reduces the human, the shop rent and position requirements. Core is 'unmanned' operations, 'self-help' service. And the key to development is based on the effective use of the Internet of things technology. Goldbridge as RFID products and solution provider, is no exception. Recently, our technology Mr Zhaozhou in our monthly meeting to promote and explain the whole of the first unmanned supermarket solution. The unmanned supermarket solution increased the two point Goldbridge: 1. Effectively prevent pilfering, increase the user experience and rationality; 2. Effectively prevent corruption directly limit consumers can not go out after the blackout. As a UHF RFID products and solutions to the unmanned supermarket suppliers, we provide RFID products and related bundled software for commodity management, into the shop, payment, return a house, etc. Of course, we met some problems in field investigation and test. Such as settlement area of settlement of goods collection rate; Our technical staff to follow up and keep in the field test, the problem solved! We combined the security check and settlement function. Consumer is in after completion, the choice of goods and pay system can automatically check the customer's payment behavior non-inductive. When the entrance guard system to all the goods you pay a success, the door will open automatically. It has realized the quick shopping experience. For most customers want to try out new retail, it removes the 'security' and 'solve' these two 'pain points'. Goldbridge released no one supermarket solution for the first time. Help customers offline shopping, online payment, do not need to shop assistant. You only need a mobile phone, you can feel easy, convenient and fast shopping experiences. Successfully launched new retail activities.
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