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NFC in the pop festival

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
The service will be matched using NFC wrist band and mobile applications. The service 'to eliminate the person who had participated in the activities need to carry cash or plastic,' Znap north American chief executive Greg Gresh said. 'It accelerate and simplify the buying process, make the guest can' save money ', focusing on the performance and activities, and don't miss a beat. 'To use the service, the guests can download Znap application, connect with the case ID wristbands, and then click pad in the NFC wristbands for purchase. The company explained: 'NFC wristbands can be Znap mobile applications to access and control. '' users can purchase limit definition, to check the transaction, cancel the missing wristbands matching, matching a new wristband and security management. 'In addition to promote mobile transactions, Znap application also enables consumers to use their mobile device management members integral, incentive plan, coupons and special offers. 'Promoters can also be used for the festival and on-site activities specially designed a series of functions, including the control of the access of area and VIP area, and tracking promotions and special offers, and allowing for a portable tally service desk to check out anytime and anywhere. Sales of equipment.
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