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NFC intelligent ring easily open the door

by:JLTcard     2020-11-22
NFC intelligent ring contains two NFC chip, two chips work together. The palm of your hand can open the door, unlock the phone, and is responsible for the personal information. The back of the ring can share weibo, email. This is a personal. NFC smart door lock ring, don't have to match any key or smartphone, active NFC chip on the device will be in accordance with passive chip on the ring. Immediately after recognition by unlocking device, the whole process needs a short period of time. Gently lift the sensor, you can hear the sweet opening in the door. Your smartphone, you can download is suitable for the application of NFC, safely to unlock your phone. Will the bell near the phone, no longer like the past input password to unlock. NFC intelligent ring can perform more operations from open the specific application, specific information, share your WiFi network, your personal URL, etc.
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