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NFC non-contact for energy management system in advance

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
Natural gas, water and electricity is important in the world of civil, commercial and industrial energy. As the world's energy storage capacity is limited, the whole society should take measures to minimize the misuse and waste of energy. The non-contact prepaid meter based on NFC standards can solve these problems. NFC non-contact prepaid system can effectively control the customer site installation of electricity meter in the power supply. Prepaid electricity meter works is to buy electric first, after use, the user power purchase in advance, and then somehow entry prepaid electricity meter. This kind of instrument can make consumers want to buy how much electricity decision, how much electricity, enable consumers to better control of electricity. In electricity deposited after use, power meter. Until Kane battery using NFC function re-enter electric meter, electric meter can continue to supply. NFC is the main component of the prepaid system cover the infrastructure, for example, automatic power station, electricity meter and electric meter into the remaining power unit of NFC, speaking, reading and writing. In automatic power station, NFC compatible automatic motor are connected to the power supply company server or smartphone, will write NFC consumers purchased electricity power purchase card. Then the user card close to the electric meter, electric meter NFC module implementation for card read and write operations. At this point, the electric meter NFC interface found new remaining power input request, the execution of equipment after the mutual authentication process, the card within the new purchasing power in electric meter. Prepaid system according to the electricity supply to withhold save electricity, when persisting power is zero, the meter will automatically power, disconnect the load connected to the grid. If the user wants to continue to use electricity, must once again to buy electricity. Electric meter NFC interface built-in NFC, speaking, reading and writing, communication frequency to 13. 56 MHZ, support ISO15693 and ISO14443 protocol. According to the requirement of the close communication, can use different NFC card. Have long distance/low data rate requirements of the system, you can use the ISO15693 card; System with the short distance/high data rate requirement, can use IS014443 card. As one of the pioneers of the technology of RFID and NFC, stmicroelectronics provides various NFC products, meet the demand of all the NFC applications, and provide rich resources for the development of the ecological system. NFC products include NFC/RFID tags, dynamic NFC tags, NFC/RFID reader and NFC controller, including the NFC safety unit and NFC overall solution. Relying on ST25 product series, stmicroelectronics provides a complete NFC and RFID tag and reader IC product portfolio, is suitable for the development of various NFC function solution. NFC technology currently used for contactless payment, access control and bus fare collection system, is a kind of more convenient, always work of short distance wireless communication system, low power consumption is pushing for convenient data pairs, diagnostic data read, tracking and parameter Settings in the application of the consumer, industrial, automotive and medical equipment. return
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