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NFC technology let Santa Claus for children

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
Christmas every child has a wish in the heart, want to have a belongs to own only Santa Claus. Because Santa Claus will be 'magic', know what children want gift! In Ireland, the children visit the Blarney Woollen Mills, Santa Claus grottoes, get a wrist strap by precoding NFC, wristbands information is provided by the child's parents. When a child is close to the grottoes, an elf scans of his waist belt, Santa Claus, 'naughty or nice' book will automatically update the information about the child, in this way, he can be personalized communication with children. In essence, is to create a software solution based on NFC, parents give their children in online application of grottoes activities, need to fill in some personal information about children, such as a favorite teacher, favorite band, favourite football team, etc. These data. When children enter the Santa Claus grottoes, they will meet a genie, elves will use his magic wand to scan the label, this in fact this is a NFC reader, once be swept tracing, Santa Claus before the device or tablet will automatically update the information about the child, so when the children come here to see the conversation on the tablet, this will form a better interaction with children. It can also use other technologies such as RFID, and even different forms such as qr code, but the effect is not very good, you can imagine when they try to scan the qr code. This is a very good way, is more unique than other cave scenic spot, when children go in, active and Santa Claus tell what he want, rather than passive communication in the past. This way the effect is obviously better. return
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