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Nike will launch new methods of RFID as after-sales counterfeit detection

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
Nike will launch the RFID as a new means of counterfeit goods after-sale counterfeit detection has been very serious flood in the field of sports shoes. In the past, all sorts of official shoes are launched a variety of ways to combat counterfeit goods. In addition to litigation, claims and the coalition government, many sports shoes officials have put safety buckles on their shoes, the most famous is the little green symbol StockX. However, embarrassingly, counterfeiters simply copy the official anti-fake method. Shortly after launch SockX small green card, appeared on the market a large number of high copy SockX green card. If anti-counterfeiting technology itself cannot guarantee that it is genuine, anti-counterfeiting is how is it possible? Recently, Nike's 'Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG' aster 'and' Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG 'Pine Green' also USES the guard against theft clasp. But Nike shoes for all of guard against theft clasp is different from before anti-theft buckle. This time, Nike anti-theft fastener includes RFID tags and using RFID technology.               Why Nike use RFID to do anti-theft security? There is a direct cause, Nike's official website can provide a return and exchange services, a set of Nike customers in the dislocation of the 'alternative', dedicated to replace them with fake goods receiving authentic shoes, and then exchange goods to the seller. Nike lack effective or quick way to check the authenticity of products. The official website of after-sales personnel is not able to identify true and false, so the official website of change to prevent fake goods is weak, which makes many of the 'alternative' to win. After Nike use RFID security card, security card on the market it is difficult to have a lot of hd Nike. In fact, the counterfeiters are very easy to make security card looks exactly the same. As long as the manufacture of moulds, it can be a large number of copy, but if the RFID chip embedded security card, is very difficult. Production looks exactly the same label is useless, for RFID can be set to prevent himself by others copy and cloning, and can only be read but not been tampered with how RFID anti-counterfeit? First of all, each RFID chip has a very high threshold, each RFID chip has a global unique UID, therefore the counterfeiters unable to obtain appropriate UID chips. Secondly, the product each link of information can be written to the RFID chip for storage, the product can be traced. Third, RFID can be made into fragile label, it is mainly used for wine, jewelry, tea, health products, etc. As long as the open items, labels would be broken, counterfeiters can't recycle. Fourth, the use of asymmetric encryption algorithm get the ciphertext, ciphertext irreversible, forgers even the only global ID, also won't code-cracking. Fifth, especially the branches of the RFID technology, NFC technology based on RFID added some more features. 7 bytes of the UID from factories burn, cannot be changed. Id number is the only one. Write complete, the data will be copied. No one ( Including the developer itself) You can change it. It can only be read. Without authorization, cannot write, prevent the 32-bit key protection cracked and violent attacks and set the key set function failure. Assuming that it set up three times, then after trying three times unsuccessful attempt to crack the chip will be discarded. Chip technology is one of the world's leading high-tech fields. Counterfeiters want to copy, the cost is very high, basically make counterfeiters frustrated. Back to Nike, in fact, look at the characteristics of RFID anti-counterfeiting, and found that Nike is not really applied in the RFID anti-counterfeiting, simply and easily applied to detect employees to return to the authenticity of the shoe. Sports shoes market is very chaotic, a lot of fake goods are filled with it. Nike not only pretend to, Yeezy series fake madness. Although Nike in elimination of counterfeit goods did not do better, but we also saw the anti-counterfeiting actions from Nike sports shoes industry in new directions against counterfeit goods. This could trigger a RFID anti-counterfeiting technology application trend in the field of sports shoes.
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