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Nintendo submit new patents: protection or will be used for amiibo electronic tag

by:JLTcard     2020-11-22
Nintendo recently submitted a new patent, and at the end of the month was made public, the function of a patent for 'prevent IC in stuffed label damaged'. It may be used on amiibo NFC characteristics of stuffed animals, one example of this is in 2015 launched yoshi amiibo; In the same year on May 31, had a similar patent was rejected by the Japan Patent Office. This patent will pass a hard layer of protective material to prevent IC tags by bending, this material will be placed between the IC tags and exterior adornment layer, and when the user remove the toys to the access device, access device to be able to read and edit the information on the label. It is not clear whether nintendo submitted a patent means the company will launch more in the future similar yoshi plush amiibo. return
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