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Operators will start on November launch Semble NFC wallet

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
New Zealand operators and Paymark payment network NFC payment announced a joint venture between the new brand name, date of first trial in November and marketing partnership with samsung. Collection Semble by 2 degrees, the Spark New Zealand, Vodafone, Paymark and bank partner ASB and e. bnzis under development. This service will begin early next year 'for any mobile network operators to provide a series of New Zealand Android NFC mobile phones. Users' personal data will be stored in the mobile network operators SIM card issued by the elements contained in the security. The company said: 'by mobile phone wallet application security code and personal identification number on the phone or biometric security, will also provide more security protection. 'Added Semble, by the end of 2014, there will be nearly 1 million NFC mobile phone use in New Zealand. 'Semble mobile money available in the card, credit card and debit card including ASB and bnzhereby undertakes and many air New Zealand Airpoints integral GlobalPlus card. 'Real-time market pilot will start on November, Semble will be available for new zealanders from the following website to download Google Play in 2015. The company explained: 'additional bank CARDS, membership CARDS, public transportation, etc. , will eventually be integrated into the support Semble over the phone. '' Semble also established marketing partnership with samsung, will support Semble published and launched for the first time. '' at first, the customer will be able to through the smart phone payment for goods and services, but Semble will eventually do not need to carry any card,' chief executive Rob Ellis said. 'Soon, smart phone users can through smart phones to purchase goods and services, and immediately know whether they need free coffee or vouchers, without having to spend many years accumulation of membership card collection. '' retail, loyalty, ticketing and transportation really exciting business portfolio has aroused our great interest. We are looking forward to the future bringing these additional services to New Zealand. ”
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