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Parking parking equipment with RFID automatic identification system

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
As the urban land resource is more and more nervous, the construction of the parking lot cost will increase. How to make use of limited space, create more parking Spaces, parking lot is an important part of the management goal. Three-dimensional mechanical garage arises at the historic moment, it is the use of mechanical equipment, increase the number of unit area parking parking way in Europe and the United States has decades of development history, technology already quite mature. In recent years, in Shanghai, Beijing and other large and medium-sized cities, parking equipment has been promoted. The biggest advantage is: parking equipment covers an area of less parking number, relative to the traditional parking lot so that we can stop a parking place 4 ~ 6 cars; Take put simple, single parking pick it up or just a few seconds, and has higher security stability; Construction of low cost, each garage manufacturing costs only 30000 yuan, if the layer number of less cost can be lower. In order to further enhance the efficiency of parking equipment, the introduction of RFID technology, RFID intelligent parking lot management system, it is the user based on the process of the parking the car. Vehicles with RFID tags or electronic license plate, user information, vehicle information, vehicle into playing time, parking duration, number designated parking Spaces, parking path, and fees should be entry database, make unified management, in order to realize the query and storage capabilities. Through import and export control system, parking space and guide the subsystems such as management system, accounting management system, check the vehicle information, vehicle for parking guidance, not achieve parking fee, parking space resources to maximize efficiency. Then charge management, parking guidance and vehicle identification and safety monitoring data based on the same data platform, integrate each subsystem and effective for a unified intelligent parking lot management system. That is: RFID without a stop automatic identification system. It will RFID technology, computer control technology and billing software systems such as organic combination, realize the in and out of the vehicle automatic recognition, automatic brake control, automation of billing/deduction, and fully realize the intelligent vehicle in and out of control. Play a role in promoting development of industry and orderly. return
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