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Pay treasure to help guangdong wisdom urban construction

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
Wisdom in order to further promote the construction of city, guangdong province on September 6, from the beginning, the province's 21 cities full access to the pay treasure 'urban services, residents in the province by mobile phone can enjoy convenient service more than 20 local characteristics, including vehicle violation, life expends, 114 queries, attractions tickets, Hong Kong and Macao passport renewal and so on. In response to the query and the traffic violation process trival, guangdong province, all the related six convenient service access pay treasure 'urban services' : driver traffic illegal query, driver's license status query, motor vehicle traffic illegal query, motor vehicle status query and guangdong province highway traffic, etc. Later, the owners of guangdong province through paying treasure 'urban services platform' query traffic violation situation, not only can query the vehicles belonging to violate the rules and regulations, but also to support illegal query, for example, vehicles belonging to in foshan, the owner can pay treasure 'urban services', the query itself in guangzhou, dongguan and other places illegally. In addition, pay treasure payment services 'service' city living the small patch of various payment project together, users do not need to go out to pay water, electricity, gas and other kinds of life related payment business. Compared with the traditional payment methods to postal service hall, pay treasure 'urban services' greatly improve the efficiency, save 15 to 60 minutes per capita, for residents' daily life provides a great convenience. 'Internet +' is put forward, make all kinds of traditional were set on the service of the people's livelihood 'Internet +' express, linkage, complementary advantages, to promote 'Internet + city service' to a new level. Ant gold Zou Liang serving the public service division general manager said, 'we can deeply feel the local governments' + 'Internet in a way that the enthusiasm of government affairs service innovation, pay treasure will continue to use the mobile Internet and big data to enhance the level of urban services. 'In the near future, users will enjoy more convenient city of guangdong province services, such as drug query, ticketing, culture, education, local life and so on. return
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