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'Private tailored' card at the Shanghai international financial exhibition

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
On October 15, 2015 - 18, China international financial technology and equipment exhibition was held in Shanghai new international expo center. The meeting, show a variety of high-tech, new technology products, such as the lobby manager robot, the business is dealt with robots, personality self-service card machine, etc. , let a person find everything new and fresh. Popular network for intelligent lobby manager robot 'jiaojiao', believe that everyone has heard, she has a lot of facial expression, can communicate through language, touch interaction, body language, take the initiative to identify customer needs, assist with a variety of services such as consulting reception, business guide, to effectively tap the bank customers. Booth in bank of communications, 'private tailored' card is striking. This 'one-stop services personalized instant issue', can upload pictures or the pictures of the scene by mobile phones, and can be edited on the image to upload the server, and then input user information, including id scanning, electronic signature, such as fingerprint entry, review on the PAD by audit personnel confirmed, can according to the personal information on the fabrication machines for customized bank CARDS. Only 3 - 5 minutes, bank card can get a unique personality. And in another booth, stick a card payment functions are also attracted a group of people stop to watch. Randomly select a commodity, take out the mobile phone, open the bank of Shanghai mobile banking scan the qr code of goods clearly show the commodity information in mobile banking end, click buy now, fill out the consignee address, you can use the Shanghai bank to take the lead to achieve the financial IC card 'stick a card payment' new features. Stick a card to pay, is based on NFC mobile phones ( The support close wireless phones) And the combination of financial IC card technology, can provide customers with convenient, safe and innovative payment and money transfer service. Payment, the IC card chip with mobile phones for certification, identifying code and IC card two-factor authentication, greatly enhance the online payment security and convenience. return
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