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Protocol standard not unified Internet of things development

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
Recent major event in the Internet than Microsoft, Intel, 英特尔) , cisco ( Cisco) And so on several big group announced a total of IoT new alliance - Open fund ( OpenConnectivity基金会,OCF) , is expected to integrate the profession standard of Internet of things, and then make different manufacturers and developers to develop equipment and application to each other. Integration of the profession standard of Internet of things is in fact the so-called normalization ( 规范) , the different manufacturer production when the format of the same or similar products. The move for the development of the Internet and peripheral economy will have a significant impact. At present due to the lack of common equipment interconnection standards IoT market each industry alliance, including Intel, samsung, broadcom can establish the OIC, Microsoft, Qualcomm and Electrolux push AllSeen, and dominated by Intel, IBM, Cisco and GE's IndustrialInternet Association. Apple and Google is sui generis, Google and ARM, Freescale Thread Group. So a variety of different specifications of choice for consumers, become impossible to each brand products to exchange, although the development of the firms are more likely to develop a distinctive products, but in terms of the overall industry, interconnection equipment standards too broken can produce each problem, the follow-up maintenance inconvenience for consumers, because each have different specifications, even have object recycling difficult. In recent years there are a few relatively large specification of unified case, for example, the intelligent mobile phone USB transmission aperture normalization, CD, DVD, etc. , but there are failures, although there has been a computer vendors Shouting hope can be unified computer, intelligent equipment battery specifications, so that customers can replace smart devices, previous battery equipment can be used again, still can not only save cost, also can extend the life of life items, to display the efficient use of resources to the maximum, but up to now still cannot achieve this on the one hand, and even many headphones can't unified specification of intelligent equipment, mainly because most of these of unified specification, in order to be the last war manufacturers often set off after launch format specifications, all hope you win in the end of the party. Observe iot products currently on the market can be found, department stores, websites and even hypermarket with life related products, you can see many people predicted that is a wave of the future economy, but high standard information between common difficulty also make products, and seriously hampering the market acceptance. If we can integrate resources, promote to develop compatibility specification, and even open source, so the future billions of devices, including equipment, mobile phone, computer, industrial equipment and other things can get from other manufacturers of LianWangZhan clear communication with each other. return
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