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Quang ninh online motorcycle RFID security systems

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
On the morning of July 5, guangning county, zhaoqing city public security bureau in the county east square motorcycle RFID intelligent anti-theft system launching ceremony, demonstrates the performance of the control system. It is understood that the motorcycle intellisense prevention and control system is mainly aimed at the motorcycle design, in the hidden place of motorcycle just install simple electronic label, the size of a usb stick can be put into use, has a hidden installation, convenient operation, real-time alarm, alarm, etc. Installed electronic label of motorcycle, as long as the motorcycle is abnormal, the owner of the mobile phone will immediately got a call from the RFID intelligent anti-theft system, remind owner vehicle is stolen. The public security organs can also according to the owners usually range, set the appropriate prevention and control area ( Currently divided into the city county, township and county line 3 area) , when the vehicle is beyond preset control area, the owner of the mobile phone will soon receive RFID intelligent anti-theft system calls from mandatory automatic alarm, prompt the vehicle has set out of range, and the vehicle positioning, is advantageous for the police to crack down on DaoCheZhe. Motorcycle electronic label put into use after installation, do not need to pay the monthly fee, annual fee, late fees and other fees. return
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