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Recresco company close alarm system with RFID in the factory in order to reduce the car collision risk

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
In the factory, mobile vehicles will also walk with collision accident. Therefore, Recresco close alarm system installed in the plant, reduce the risk of such accidents. ) - despite the successful introduction of new technologies, and better work method, but the man and the car collision/accidents still occur, especially in the waste industry and demolition industry. According to foreign media reports, the glass recycling company Recresco has been performed for all factories strict health and safety policy, but recently the company has also installed the ZoneSafe close alarm system, in order to further enhance work safety and reduce the risk of pedestrian car collided with work. Recresco have determined that the movement of the vehicle and poor visibility are causing the pedestrians and vehicles are the main factors of risk of collision, so hope that the related technologies for investment, in order to help to minimize such risks, improve the safety of workers at the same time. After careful evaluation on the products on the market, Recresco decided using radio frequency identification technology in the work environment ( RFID) — — ZoneSafe system, in order to increase security. ZoneSafe can be installed in various types, various size of mobile devices, using RFID technology in vehicle, asset, intersection and sidewalks around to create an invisible, 360 degree detection area. In the process of work, the scene all Recresco employees need to be worn on the arm ZoneSafe electronic tags. Close an alarm system to detect when the mobile devices around close to pedestrians, sends out loud and visible alarm, warning the operator immediately stop moving vehicle. Even if the obstacles blocking, blind spots or low visibility, ZoneSafe label without the line of sight range, can be detected. Recresco company executive said: 'we believe ZoneSafe system is in the factory, the effective method to ensure pedestrian safety. 'return
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