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Research and development of Hong Kong RFID intelligent medical system

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
Frontline staff job is busy and stressful, university of science and technology has developed two new intelligent medical system, hope that through the new technology, to relieve the medical understaffed and working pressure problem. Two sets of system application of radio frequency identification technology ( RFID) , in which the drug management system for RFID tags can be combined with drug packaging, medical staff as long as to reader scan drugs, the system will check drug and patient data, real time display and screen out the right or wrong, avoid take wrong medicine; Another set of nursing service management system, then store the patient care information and need, to ensure that when the patient was in accordance with the proper care. Two systems are concerned, and respectively used in clinics and nursing homes in Hong Kong. On system by polyu full-time teacher He Daosen the department of industrial and systems engineering and its research and development team, to formulating a drugs and procedures, including patient data, two sets of system adopt the RFID, near field communication ( NFC) And wireless network technology, such as general medical institutions of the existing equipment is enough to meet system requirements. Two sets of system development costs about 300000 yuan ( Drug) And 700000 yuan, Care services) 。 Dispensing efficiency have been used by clinic He Daosen is introduced, the present nurses dispensed to patients, usually need to scan the barcode, item by item, drugs, every time when scanning the barcode can only read a drug information, have the opportunity to error due to legacy scanning. As for the research and development team system, will set a medical card with RFID tags for each patient, card information in patients with medication, such as nurses can put the card on the reader, can through the computer display data and 'according to the list of medicine'. Since each pot and medicine bags at the same time equipped with RFID, as a nurse put the medicine on the reader, the system will show the correct labeling or false alarms, let the nurse know he ever take the wrong medicine, improve the dispensing efficiency and accuracy. The system can scan a variety of drugs at the same time, more today have a chain of clinic medical group in Hong Kong. Humanitarian hospital use instrument working hours and to help medical staff taking care of the patients with more system needs, polyu has also developed a set of electronic nursing service management system. He Daosen interpretation, medical staff in the installed sensors ward 'tap' smart card, in front of the tablet computer reading data, to identify the patient identity, understand its required services. Nursing staff after completion of nursing process on the system confirmation, information will be updated in real time and upload to the database, by the hospital in the central computer real-time monitoring. If not timely perform nursing service, the system can real-time alerting; And if the error is found, the hospital can also track record, to make the remedy. Now the system costs about $30000 for each of the RFID reader, each tag is about 1 yuan. He said, to avoid the patient data were leaked, the system can be set different medical staff permission, for example, doctors can read more information, the patient and patient services assistant can read data is less, the other system has also installed encryption technology, strengthen the protection of the patient. Related systems in the two years ago in fraternity tuen mun hospital nursing homes to carry out the use, and reduce the hospital nursing staff working hours between twenty percent and thirty percent for papers and materials processing, improve operational efficiency. return
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