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Retailers use RFID system management inventory

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
More and more application of RFID technology in retailing, has already started to have retailers using RFID technology in stores inventory management and the trading process. A retailer controller introduces, according to the use of RFID system after using the system, is used to taking stock of working hours shortened the 10 a few times. Through the RFID system, retailers to store inventory information collection and distribution center is more simple and accurate, in terms of sales, stores will not affect sales because of the shortage. System implementation after the factory in the production of products, the RFID tag on the product, and then sent to the distribution center. Cargo arrival distribution center, the staff will use the reader to read the labels, and the data uploaded to the software management system, implement the data network. Distribution center will be the replenishment order items to the stores, the use of employees the reader read RFID tags, entrance and data updates to the software. Stores after getting goods, employees will use of the reader to read, so as to update the information of goods. They also used the reader for stock-taking and were compared with the existing inventory. Found inconsistent inventory and expected the inventory, the software will show the warning. It will take 5 - in-store inventory physical count 15 minutes to complete. When purchasing goods, consumers need to be into the self-service checkout. The built-in reader can read ID tags. Then, the reader will update inventory data, show have been sold, so as to update the replenishment data. Self-service checkout will change has sold goods label EPC information. After so labels from exports, the system will know whether the product has to purchase, the reader will not trigger a warning. If item is not buy and export reader will issue a warning. return
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