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RFID bracelet helps fitness club

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
With new era characteristic how to do well at the gym? How to set up the gym + Internet? With concise appearance, strong management chip integration, the silicone bracelet can make your gym is different, for clients demanding experience, enjoy the convenience of smart technology. Wristband USES corrugated design, USES the food grade silicone material, very soft and comfortable, even in the hands of vigorous exercise, wrist hasn't been under pressure. In handling the gym passes, to give customers the silicone bracelet can open the doors of the convenient, also is the first selection of membership service upgrade. Members using silicone wristbands as entrance card and gently brushing freely, cabinet put oneself in another's position can also be modified to open the door at the same time, provide long-term care services for the member. Through the system background, the gym can easily know what is the high utilization rate of equipment, more convenient to communicate with members, let the customer feel the warmth of assistance service. If the member is about to expire, bracelet just lightly brush at the front desk, they can complete the renewal, without having to pay cash easily. Well as long as the customer experience, will you still worry about the gym sales? This smart gym is much cheaper than the traditional paper to point of consumption, more effective subscription management costs and save more employees? Convenient, beautiful! Unlock one second, two seconds, three seconds fell in love with it! Recognition, widely used in park, gym, exhibition hall and various scenarios of entrance guard system, can open the door and to participate in a second. Intelligent background cloud management, each silicone bracelet is members have id card, easier to manage large data. It can be paid through the NFC function customization, easily touch can complete payment, prepaid phone, financial income and expenses management, make it easier for customers to buy. Shenzhen Goldbridge has focused on RFID wristbands for more than 13 years. Bracelet with the domestic and foreign well-known brand original chip ( Grace wisdom pu, IMPINJ, ATMEL, French INSIDE, the jewelry, fudan microelectronics, huahong IC, etc. ) The combination of the introduction of foreign advanced production technology, so the quality assured. Products are exported to at home and abroad, well received by customers. Welcome to consultation and negotiation!
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