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RFID - cable tie tag Special label used in food traceability

by:JLTcard     2020-11-22
RFID cable tie tag is a unique tamper-proof label, specially designed for the food traceability. It completely conforms to the EPC CLASS1 GEN2 standard, its working frequency is 902 MHZ to 928 MHZ. RFID tie tag using NXP G2XM chip, mainly for the food traceability management, including meat, vegetables, tobacco and Chinese herbal medicine management. Now, we tie tag pork tracking management project has been successfully applied to chengdu, jiangsu pork traceability management project, won the praise of users. This product is made from polypropylene, especially with ultrasonic seal. Tamper-proof design makes if forcibly removed or cut off the label, can't read the label. Label is easy to read, stable performance, resistance to remove, and other functions. Its material of non-toxic, no smell of environmental protection material, provides convenience for food source project hardware conditions. In the face of increasingly severe food safety problems, to strengthen the social norms and control from the field to all aspects of the earth is becoming very important. Therefore, shenzhen Goldbridge food safety track RFID tags using Internet technology to cover important food security, detection and protection of each link, once found the problem, can be traced back to the various aspects of the whole system disposal in time, effectively protect food safety. The unique design of cable tie, ensure that the label will not fall off, will not damage in the process of food distribution, also can effectively prevent disassembly, in the process of meat slaughtering to sales, operators or consumers can accurately through the traceability label, mark of quality information query, confirm you buy breeding ground pork, slaughter and processing, testing, and other information. RFID cable tie tag is a very cost-effective food traceability labels. Shenzhen Goldbridge adopt international advanced production and testing equipment, innovation and improvement in terms of chip packaging and application, combined with the monitoring of food safety traceability system, increase the release of the rfid tag signal and accept read stability, track all aspects of the field of food on the table to protect food safety, make the Internet of things technology to serve the people better.
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