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RFID charge technology

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
Internet era is a grand vision, each product can through the network of intelligent connection. From your lawn mower to write your curtain to your office chair, every furniture or appliances can realize communication with each other to each other. That sounds is very good, but want to such a future, you must thoroughly change the Internet of things the drive power of the product. Now, researchers from the university of Washington gave us the latest solution: through radio frequency equipment technology ( RFID) , get a kind of get rid of the battery depends on the computer. You generally can meet radio frequency technology ( RFID) Clothes in a department store, is generally applied to the inside of the label, electronic components and the bus station. In the past, they could not provide power source for anything, but a team of scientists at the university of Washington's latest achievements makes it the rf signal can be converted to electricity. The energy generated is small, it doesn't run enough to support a smartphone, but low enough to run those demands for power of the Internet of things devices. According to the Sensor at the university of Washington Lab researchers Aaron Parks: get rid of the dependence on conventional batteries, can make equipment on the premise of not involved in any physical hardware operating, run for decades on time! This technique allows the Internet of things devices like smart phones to run some applications, make iot device formally entering into the category of computing device. Nowadays, computerised RFID technology has become a modern computing the greater part of the system. Although it is of remarkable significance for the future of the Internet of things industry, but it has not officially entered the functional test. Washington university in the near future is expected to further test, ensure the new transport protocol ( Name is WISP) Can really play its functions in the real world. Battery has relied on for iot industry is a very big problem, no one is willing to climb down, such as going to the golden gate bridge over the bridge to remove a sensor, or in a large farm lands squinting to find a no electricity the sensors. Let sensor can supply power by oneself, without artificial maintenance, this is a completely free field of Internet of things a key link in the process of great potential. Just don't expect overnight will be implemented, the road before the Internet of things device, is still very long. return
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