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RFID chips allow workers attendance record according to the can depend on

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
Workers suffered a back pay in today's society is already the recurrent problem, wage arrears reason mainly in the field of architecture in three aspects: the landlord house sold well so have no money, the payment didn't reach the designated position; Project layers of subcontract, contractor directly run away with the money. Because there is no attendance records, the project department a few borrow for nominal wages of migrant workers to blackmail, etc. Especially project layers of subcontract, lead to the chain of wage payment for longer, so a link out the problem, is prone to back pay, if we can shorten the payment chain, introducing a chip of the helmet, installed the RFID chip inductor service management system, the equivalent of has carried on the monitor to pay it all the way, is beneficial to prevent the emergence of the wage arrears problem. In ningbo on the construction site, the reporter sees, new employees can get a hat with a special chip, which includes the user name, id number, pre-job safety education record, qualification certificate and personal photos etc. 'These are connected to the system of check on work attendance information, and only allow release only after all of the above information is confirmed in and out of the construction site. 'Daily, monthly attendance computer automatically record and save the attendance of artificial cost' the dynamic management has always been the difficulties in the construction site management 'controller introduces, using safety helmet with chip can record attendance information is accurate. Before also tried various ways of check on work attendance, but are not ideal. Reporter interviews the construction site of a worker Mr Yang, Yang pointed to the hat of a piece of white card said, 'there's a chip card, enter the construction area every day, must wear safety helmet, and the attendance record in and out of the mouth, attendance system through the sensing chip, automatic recording approach, accurate to seconds every day information and synchronization of high-definition pictures, this is paid. 'And the project department through computer or mobile phone service manager and other leaders can also grasp the latest situation of the site at any time at the beginning of a month, the RFID chip inductor service management system can also automatically generated last month attendance record, project department will check the information after the parties sign, confirmation form backup project department and the public. After the public attendance records as the basis of migrant workers to the work. RFID shorten wage payment chain management system, can effectively prevent the emergence of the wage arrears problem. return
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