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RFID drug tracking solution

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
Medical accidents caused by illness and death at an annual rate of 400000 times more growth, many of which are taking the wrong medication or improper metering. In addition, stories abound of fake drugs in the market, it will also affect the health of the patient. RFID technology company is launching a drug safety program, can automatically track sales from production to the pharmacy counter or hospitals use process. By means of the uhf RFID cap attached to the medicine bottle, can track drugs on software process of the whole supply chain. Now the scheme has been in a not to be identified within the company's production facilities for testing. The health care products company has completed testing and ordered millions of cap and the future the company will use the system in distribution center. At present, the cap a built-in Impinj passive uhf RFID chips. Chip and embedded body between the cap and the sealing plug. Chips to store has a unique identifier, binding the product name, strength, serial number, batch number, date of production and manufacturing location. There is a version of the cap when open the sealing ring, chip will be null and void automatically, it can be placed counterfeit products. Pharmaceutical companies may also will these data and consumers, distributors share. If the warehouse, hospital pharmacy or installed the RFID reader, drugs can be tracked in the complete chain. If cap of RFID tags have not been read, the software will find this problem, and then employees can know Aquarius has not lost, and inferior bottle, bottle cap is opened or damaged. In the pharmacy or in the hospital, to send medicines to patients before, RFID tags will be read again. This will ensure that no error happens. The company said, the high frequency RFID technology with NFC function allows consumers to use smartphone to understand drug information. All of this without the help of the application. Consumers only need to use a mobile phone brush cap and mobile NFC reader can read the tag ID you can jump to the website, consumers can product in the query whether it is authentic. At present, some companies have introduced the application for patients to ensure that they take medicine on time. Use NFC function of RFID bottle caps, caregivers, health care providers or family member can automatically access to this information. return
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