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RFID drugs management system management system

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
Publix, an American chain pharmacies with 980 pharmacies have signed an agreement with AmerisourceBergen, plans to use the RFID AmerisourceBergen Cubixx drug management system, used to keep track of the pharmacy specialty pharmaceutical products. Cubixx system also allows the pharmacy automatic tracking those paid when using the product, such as consignment specialist medicines, etc. In the past decade, AmerisourceBergen ASD specialty pharmaceuticals distribution department has always been to the emergency department, pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and even the patient provide Cubixx solution. ASD business innovation VP Chris Flori, according to the specialty drugs do not often use, and expensive, so they supply presents some challenges for medical providers. Therefore, the hospital medical service providers such as adopted a consignment mode, their stores only a small amount of inventory, when dispensing fee only. However, there is no RFID technology, artificial trace these drugs is a huge task difficulty. Flori said: 'Publix AmerisourceBergen focused and provide patient-centered solutions. With the increase of specialized drug use, out of trust for Publix, many patients continue to choose to buy in the pharmacy. 'At present, many pharmacies have started using Cubixx inventory management solutions and provide storage tank to those high specialized drug users. So Cubixx system can track the user time to drugs out of the storage tank, thus order for replenishment order. If the patient did not use the doctor prescribed dose the use of these drugs, the system will send a remind to the doctor. Have 1 Cubixx storage unit. 7 cubic feet to 56 cubic feet the size of a variety of versions, the enterprise can use one or more storage locations. Each storage unit built a uhf RFID reader and an RFID reader antenna. Reader and antenna manufacturer or model is not the same, is determined according to the pharmacy with specific conditions. The reader can be used under minus 30 degrees Celsius, so storage can act as a single yuan refrigerator or freezer to use. Cubixx unit and data can be customized, Flori said: 'information is protected by HIPAA, ASD can ensure patient privacy protected. 'Storage unit the RFID data collection within the information back to the Cubixx software, and integrated into the management software. Cubixx also provides an entrance, authorized parties can access information. Stored in a drug in the unit attached source EPC UHF RFID tag. These labels by several suppliers ( According to the shape and usage scenario selection) 。 On the label of the ASD coding and bind the product information ( Such as batch number, expiry date, manufacturer) 。 These data will be stored in the Cubixx software. When receiving the drug, the pharmacy staff can just put the products into the cold storage unit, the reader will read ID tags. In this way, the software will update state of drugs at the same time. Cubixx system can monitor and collect the temperature of each cell, the expiration date of the products, etc. Take the medicine, staff to open the refrigerator. The pharmacy can also choose to increase the identity authentication module. In this case, only authorized employees can take drugs. After take medicine, time, date and remove the information will be recorded into the system. Drugs remove, Cubixx system will also record this action. If Cubixx software and pharmacy management software integration each other, such management software will synchronize updates. In addition, the system can also automatically according to the standards set by the pharmacy or manufacturer for drug replenishment. Flori said: 'automatic tracking and accurate inventory data can help Publix to maximize ROI and reduce transaction time. Use Cubixx product, Publix pharmacist can get temperature control products faster, and clear the drug will never be out of stock, understand the product to meet safety requirements. Flori said, 'this can reduce the pharmacist management burden. Let them to make more time to communicate with patients. Flori said: 'we expect that the number of specialty drugs will continue to grow. This also for pharmacists in helping the patient manage chronic disease and high specialized drugs put forward higher requirements. 'To return to
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