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RFID garbage disposal automatic billing system

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
Illinois Wheaton, recently adopted the LRS RFID waste tracking system. Signed a covers the city residential garbage collection and every family can RFID tracking of the contract for five years. During the past 17 years, the LRS have been garbage disposal and recycling service for the greater Chicago area. Beginning in 2015, the company first highland park PAYT ( According to the amount of waste charge) Garbage disposal project using RFID technology. PAYT project, every family need to pay the quantity according to throw the rubbish. The LRS municipal manager Bill Kenney said: 'the technology will help to simplify the payment process. We believe that RFID technology fit and the city, the city most residents are using PAYT system. 'Highland park city administrator HayleyGarard said, beginning in 1993 the city began to offer services to help PAYT. Using RFID technology, PAYT system has some inconvenience. Citizens need to purchase in local stores paper then stick attached on the trash can. When staff empty trash, they'll synchronization to collect the post. PAYT system according to the collected waste generated in the quantity then put the number of residents. The use of RFID technology, the residents no buying post. But electrical, electronic or yard waste garbage and other large there will use as markers. 2010 start, high and low park passed a sustainable development strategy, solid waste disposal is one of the important content. She said: 'we believe the project will encourage residents to reduce waste, and the use of RFID technology will increase the number of people using the service. 'The LRS system, each bin attached a EPC Gen2 UHF RFID tag. The only ID tag number along with the bin size and types, this information is stored in the LRS server. New users to buy the bin, the LRS residents will also address binding and the bin ID number. Per the LRS truck before install the hopper of the vertical arm installed the RFID reader, when empty trash, so the reader can read into the bin label ID number. The reader through the WiFi to transmit data to the server. The reader will also store RFID tag reads the time and date. The system also consolidated and payment systems. The RFID system has brought the LRS certain competitive advantage. Kenney said: 'the garbage disposal industry is not a lack of competition, the Chicago region is no exception. We have to provide unique value to gain market share. The system brings to the users waste disposal fee payments and a better method of recycling service. 'Garard said:' on August 1, high and low park since using the RFID system, citizens are very pleased with the system's changes. The user can according to the system data to calculate the PAYT system saves much money. 'Like highland park, Wheaton PAYT system based on then paste have been used in the past. On October 1st, the city will also begin to use the bins based on RFID tracking service. return
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