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RFID German postal mail tracking system starting this month

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
RFID technology rapid development today, RFID for the postal industry is not new. Has been to the end of 2015, deutsche post ( DP) , deutsche post DHL ( DPDHL) Start using EPC uhf RFID technology to its customers, Especially overseas envelope and small customers) Provide the goods arrive or leave Frankfurt edcs of relevant information. This can help customers to determine the parcel reaches its destination. The goods arrived at 16 destination countries, DP will read the data with the facilities inside the RFID reader and antenna, and data updates to the client. DP is Europe's largest mail service operators. The company has international mail, lightweight items express business, income of 1 billion euros last year. All DP international express business through Frankfurt sorting center. DP key facilities installed in the uhf RFID reader, it can be more convenient to monitor the quality of the international mail business. In addition, DP is installed at the international mail terminal uhf reader, process monitoring and improvement. DP in Frankfurt international hub installed the integrated antenna Lyngsoe Systems LS4200 RFID reader, used to read attached after the sorting system of small tag ID number. DP overseas mail and direct mail product management VP Dirk Pandikow said: 'from this year, we began to think of the hands of technology commercialization. We launched the L? Ndernachweis service. Each package has a qr code for tracking. By scanning the qr code, send a person may know email send and receive time. And during the carriage of goods, hair pieces is not clear. 'Envelope tracking harder than big carton, the envelope is usually small, so the qr code on the envelope is harder to scan. Pandikow said that so far qr code system also does not have an international standard. Therefore, postal operators often use manual method receives the international mail, sometimes in the destination country to paste the label. DP, said the small number of very fast growth, it also makes automatic tracking system is becoming more and more important. Using this system, the shipper must provide the RFID tag attached to a DP, used to automatically track email through Frankfurt hub. DP provides two different RFID tags: N044044B1U, built-in ImpinjMonza 4 e chips; AZ9662, built-in AlienTechnology Higgs 3 chips. These labels by 20/50, or 500 a batch to sell, can use manual or machine paste. 20 price for 19 euro, 50 price is 45 euros. RFID tag tied to a specific package, the sender can be in L? Ndernachweis website input tags unique ID number, and shipping information can be written to the RFID chip. Then, the sender can access the web site to see small hub time arrive or leave Frankfurt. At present, the system is in 16 countries business: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Britain and the United States. In each of the destination country post office to install the reader and antenna. When delivered to the customer's hands, these tags will be read again. In this way, Germany's the sender can view the latest status of the envelope. return
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