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RFID how to improve the city traffic management?

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
Automobile electronic marking system is the typical application of RFID in the urban traffic, through the windshield in front of the vehicle paste automobile electronic identity, in urban road base station layout, speaking, reading and writing, and real-time collection of vehicle information accurately, to breakthrough the bottleneck of the existing traffic information collection technology, to realize accurate vehicle identity recognition, vehicle dynamic information acquisition, vast collection of traffic information, effectively enhance the level of intelligent vehicle management and meet the demand of urban traffic management applications. Real-time accurate monitoring urban traffic data auto electronic identification system with RFID technology could obtain the real-time and accurate storage involved in the automotive electronic identification information, including the license plate number, vehicle appearance, yearly check information, yellow and green label information, vehicle location, etc. Intelligent integrated transportation platform based on RFID technology can realize traffic flow of urban traffic data collected real-time monitoring, intelligent transportation information statistics, traffic information mining and data processing function and the congestion charge different time periods and congestion areas restrictions such as application, after the big data processing of traffic data can be used as a city traffic forecasting, transportation planning data support. Automobile electronic identity urban traffic system based on RFID technology can adapt to a variety of acquisition environment, in low visibility, multiple lanes vehicles under normal driving speed still can accurately identify, improve the real time and accuracy of city traffic management, make the city more scientific and intelligent transportation. Timely and comprehensive supervision on car environmental protection situation of automobile electronic identification system based on RFID technology can be real-time and accurate monitoring vehicles and vehicle emissions, yellow and green label information to realize vehicle environmental protection green label information computerization management, vehicle exhaust emission monitoring, vehicle region limit line regulation, etc. , thus promote the digital process of urban transportation environmental management, strengthening the environmental protection department does not meet the environmental protection standard vehicle supervision, improve consists elimination rate, strengthen the consists of illegal car stop, limit line inspections, consists car environmental protection, improve the comprehensive performance inspection rate, help to build green urban traffic environment. Effective guarantee accurate city car security based on RFID technology of automotive electronics involved against cloning, formed the perfect forgery, tamper proof, prevent illegal read security system, to ensure that the only correspondence, motor vehicles and automobile electronic identification can be used to fake deck, have been supervised DaoQiang vehicles such as illegal investigation, vehicle trajectory tracking and back, regional traffic dynamic control for car security management applications, such as improve vehicle differentiation ability, precision of all kinds of illegal and criminal activities involving car. According to zte at projects have been completed feedback, automotive electronic identification has been done to assist the local public security organ a car involved criminal detection, effectively to ensure the safety of urban vehicles. Optimize industry stakeholders car operations management automotive electronic identification system based on RFID technology can realize urban taxi operating vehicle qualification management, bus signal priority and the cost of toll roads and other kinds of electronic ZhengJi examination. By reading the automobile electronic identity stored within the vehicle usage information, traffic supervision department for buses, operating vehicles, such as a school bus different USES to implement targeted traffic operation management, improve the management of the special vehicle dynamics, create a healthy and orderly urban traffic operating environment. At the same time of automobile electronic identification system based on RFID technology can accurately check the vehicle payment information, implementation for the cost of car electronic ZhengJi, improve all kinds of wade ShouJiaoLv car costs. All-round improving public travel experience automotive electronic identification based on RFID technology can achieve including traffic information release, public traffic information release, intelligent traffic information release, * * through comprehensive information service. Automobile electronic identification with RFID technology, multi-dimensional urban traffic data collected via the portal, the way such as mobile phone software in the form of traffic information and travel guide released to the public, enable travelers to according to the real-time accurate road congestion, traffic information such as the reasonable arrangements, to choose the right means of transportation, improving public travel experience, promote urban traffic flow distribution rationalization, alleviate the urban traffic congestion, improve the efficiency of city traffic. Promoting industry stakeholders car value-added application of automotive electronic identification system based on RFID technology can with insurance, banking and other industries operating together, driving the development of a variety of stakeholders car industry, such as expanding gas, maintenance, repair and other small involved payment services, car parking lot intellectualized management, traffic compulsory insurance for car insurance of insurance inspection, etc. , raise the electronic of the city involved in the car industry, promote urban economic development on car. RFID technology has a variety of applications in the urban traffic, involving the urban traffic regulation, vehicle security, environmental monitoring, involving car vehicle travel from management, public service and wading value-added application several aspects, such as car, enough to promote the urban traffic regulation information, intelligence, human nature, improve the relevant departments to urban traffic supervision, promote orderly urban traffic safety, builds the atmosphere of urban traffic public satisfaction, at the same time can also promote the development of relevant stakeholders car industry. With the further promotion of automotive electronic identification based on RFID technology, RFID technology in the role of urban traffic will be more important. return
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