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RFID ingredients identification intelligent refrigerator

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
Since the launch of beauty smart fridge, recently it was revealed the haier refrigerator will jointly easy fruit fresh development image recognition, smell identification, RFID ingredients such as 'black' science and technology. If it is true, it will be last month signed a strategic cooperation agreement after another big action, will provide unprecedented intelligence ecological experience for consumers. It is understood that in the previous cooperation agreement, haier has Internet refrigerator kitchen and fruit fresh statement will create 'the Internet fridge + fresh distribution' differentiation consumption patterns. Nowadays, haier has kitchen Internet refrigerator has been built for data collection and data sharing platform, easy fruit fresh continues to optimize PC and mobile phone terminal interactive APP, that both sides in terms of scientific and technological innovation have invested a lot of resources and energy. The personage inside course of study, according to the analysis of the joint development of the RFID ingredient recognition system is the most representative of the 'black' of science and technology. Through radio signal recognition technology, solved the problem of data acquisition and data sharing. The data mainly includes two aspects, one is the haier jasmine kitchen life Internet refrigerator user data, the other is a easy fruit fresh ingredients information data. According to the existing data show that if the technology research and development success, through two kinds of data sharing, haier has kitchen refrigerator is likely to be Internet provides the traceability of food source for consumers to purchase experience. Consumers from the refrigerator and pulled out a piece of beef, for example, haier has Internet refrigerator kitchen by identifying and easy to be obtained GuoSheng food data, wisdom screen will be displayed on the different information such as origin, variety of beef. For easy fruit fresh, by haier xin hutch Internet refrigerator Shared data, will also get the eating habits of consumers. Some users often eat beef, for example, haier has Internet refrigerator kitchen capture the beef reserves, will recommend fruit fresh beef, users can directly order. Industry experts said that haier has kitchen Internet refrigerator is currently actively to establish ecological transformation of the kitchen scene, and recent movements frequently shows its in the interaction and the module of science and technology innovation. Based on this, future haier xin hutch Internet fridges are expected to build large data analysis model, to set up the user habits and realize industry leading large database, etc. return
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