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RFID intelligence fire equipment management to create 'life line'

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
The meaning of fire safety more and more important, in the process of fire of fire, fire fighting equipment is the first security, ensure the normal operation of the equipment. RFID technology applied in fire equipment management, not only can make equipment management become easy and simple, also can avoid the manual operation and record the data is not accurate, and spend a lot of time. RFID technology will greatly improve the management mode of the emergence of many problems, which guarantees safe use of fire equipment. In in the management of fire fighting equipment, RFID plays an important role. The RFID intelligence fire equipment management to create 'life line'. Use the advanced information technology, strengthen information management ability, strengthen the regulatory inspection process, improve the management level of the whole fire control equipment, eliminate the safety hidden trouble is urgent. The management of fire equipment, the establishment of basic data and the deployment of RFID identification equipment, so that in all the key nodes to complete accurate data information collection and retrieval. RFID radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is more and more attention, and attention, more and more industries begin to pay close attention to the function of RFID and practicability, stable performance can meet the demand of a variety of information acquisition device and information storage devices, which makes the use of RFID soon extended to various fields. Fire equipment management system based on RFID technology by installing the RFID electronic tag on fire equipment, binding the corresponding asset information in the background, the key nodes and install the RFID electronic tag reading and writing in the process, through the RFID electronic tag information collection, to accurately obtain detailed information to assets. 1, all fire equipment in jurisdiction on passive rfid tags, the label on the memory, can record the fire fighting equipment purchase time, expiration time, installation time, head, the number of inspection information, such as for fire equipment do to the life cycle management. 2, the system of the electronic archives, fire equipment stored in the management department of the central server, and provide due alarm function. System will be in the unit management page out alarm prompt, it will also send text messages to staff related to the unit or the head of the mobile phone, remind them to replace. 3, fire management departments arrange units, management of sampling inspection plan, the plan can be annual plan, monthly plan and weekly plan, temporary plan and so on, the system will automatically according to the plan of the generated text content, and promptly sent to the various units related to execute on their phones, remind the person ( Units) For fire equipment inspection work, and at the same time plan can be downloaded to the concrete executor of mobile data collection terminal. 4, each unit inspection staff, sampling personnel management unit is equipped with an RFID handheld mobile data collection terminal, can identify the RFID tag information on the fire equipment, can also with the upper machine ( Management of the computer) Communications. Each inspection personnel receiving inspection plan, the administrative department of each fire equipment scanning ( Read) , at this time will be degraded formed in the inspection record, if it is found that the equipment is damaged, or the function is not normal, inspection personnel will do in carrying on the corresponding choice, and stored in the inspection record. 5, in RFID read-write device installed in the fire truck and antenna, real-time access to the fire brigade in fire fighting equipment information, and compared with the preset data, display on top of equipped with tablet, security fire tasks can quickly identify fire equipment information on the car, fire after the completion of the task can also take back fire equipment whether there are omissions, prevent the loss of fire fighting equipment. 6, at the gate of the warehouse fire or channel, the deployment of uhf RFID read-write device and uhf antenna, identify the in and out of the warehouse fire equipment information, in order to do to fire fighting equipment in and out as well as the warehouse management. RFID intelligent fire control platform can realize intelligent daily patrol, standardized inspection method, equipment operation digital key parts, fire control and operation data visualization, the key unit of fire alarm in time, the building fire water state of real-time digital systemization, fire control safety knowledge training. Through the civil air defense + busy, improve the level of safety management, to reduce fire hazards. Fire equipment maintenance and daily inspection as the basis of intelligent fire control construction, the RFID technology will be the cornerstone of infrastructure. Let the fire fighting equipment daily management become more efficient and concise. return
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