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RFID intelligent plates rapid settlement system

by:JLTcard     2020-11-22
RFID technology storm 'advance' campus restaurant. Recently, ZheShiDa canteen introduced RFID intelligent plates, including intelligent clearing machine 6 units ( Laurel garden a cafeteria 4 units, chung yuan 2 sets) 31000, intelligent melamine plates ( A restaurant 18000, chung yuan 13000 only) 。 This rapid settlement system, only need to put the tray on settlement area, check the billing info on the screen, and then put the IC card read area, can quickly complete settlement. Its main function is through the new purchase of RFID smart tray, newly purchased smart melamine tableware to contain the RFID chip, a food will be different prices of food into the corresponding plates, through intelligent read the chip price for quick settlement. , of course, this system is not perfect, from the start to not in the canteen, students who wanted to packaging will not be able to achieve rapid settlement, temporarily retained the two human settlement window in the canteen. This is just a small defects of the present stage, believe that as technology mature, packaging in the future students can also enjoy this rapid settlement services. In general, the use of RFID intelligent plate will make settlement speed is greatly increased. Traditional human settlement in normal circumstances a minute can complete 8 - Settlement of 10 people, through calculation, the use of intelligent plate will make the whole double speed, one minute can settlement completed 20 m, and the normal operation of the equipment, can reach one hundred percent accuracy, shorten the waiting time of the students. return
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