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RFID iot will be everywhere

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
In early 2005, we firmly believe that the future world will be a RFID network world, RFID technology will be applied to various types of global commodities, goods and vehicles, highlighted the rapid identification, tracking, security, induction, and other functions. With the development and progress of science and technology, especially the microchip technology ( 微型rfid标签) Improvements, reduce the miniaturization of the chips and the label cost these two factors, make the RFID technology in everyday life, there are many possible applications. So far, the development of RFID technology in the use of technology, from the goods storage management, health management, transportation management to the personal identification as well as other various daily life or business applications, this technology can see the shadow. Due to the miniaturization and low power wireless transmission chip, the application of this technology not only diversity, and more close to our daily life. RFID metrocards, for example, the second generation of CARDS, highway ETC, ETC, are all through the RFID technology development. Again, such as: the commodity on the RFID chip, through smart shelves, self-service checkout system, anti-theft devices, combining to make effective store merchandise sales management. When customer came to shop, they will carts with RFID into the channel of the RFID reader. The channel was to understand how many customers and they spend much time shopping, and some security features. Customers in the use of the shopping cart at the same time, the computer can also use the cart, type in the name of the commodity want and brand, search through a database, control the user's location, can be quickly remind customers goods; At the same time, store all goods with RFID tags, through shops inside the scanner and a small screen to make the customer understand the details, and check the goods and information, to look at it. Checkout process, no longer need through the traditional manual counting checkout mode, through rapid scanning RFID can make checkout faster, but also can effectively link stores inventory database, record sales. Finally, when the customer checkout is complete, the RFID security functions will be shut down. RFID technology and application for the life bring convenience. Only concentrated, professional and innovative, can development synchronous development with the industry.
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