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RFID library card replacement card free of charge

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
Contactless IC card is worldwide in recent years the development of a new technology. It has successfully combined radio frequency identification technology and IC card technology, to solve the passive ( The card without electricity) And non-contact problem, this is a breakthrough in the field of electronic equipment. Today, RFID has been widely used in the library, library card reader can replace the original card for free. At present, the library is for card reader certificate replacement work, will replace the original file, free to provide high reliability and easy operation of RFID library card. Those who hold the library reader can carry original card and the original ID card, headquarters and branches from the library get new RFID library card for free. If replacement card in the branch, please refer to the open time. Library reminded to renew no deadline. If the original certificate has expired in the book, please return the books and perform the overdue expiration procedures, and can replace a new card. Lost the original card is dealt with the great hall of the original readers need to report, replenishment, replacement program. The advantages of RFID smart card: 1, high reliability contactless IC card and reader of mechanical contact to avoid the various failures caused by contact, speaking, reading and writing. 2, easy to operate by virtue of contactless communication card reader can be within the scope of 10 cm can operation card, so you don't have to insert the card, very human nature is changed. No direction in the process of using non-contact card, the card can be in any direction across the surface of the reader, this not only completed the operation, and greatly improved the speed of using every time. 3, the conflict between conflict prevention mechanism of contactless card is fast, can prevent the card of data between the interference, so the reader can handle multiple contactless IC card 'at the same time'. This improves the application of parallelism, and fundamentally improve the system speed. 4, good performance of contactless IC card is composed of IC chip and antenna sensor, and completely sealed in the standard PVC card, not bare parts. Contactless IC card read and write process usually by contactless IC card and reader completed by radio waves. Shenzhen Goldbridge ISO9001 factory is a professional company, specialized in non-contact IC card, RFID wristbands, RFID key chain, blocked the RFID card, RFID block set, RFID/NFC tags, etc. We have a professional production and sales team, to provide you with quality services at any time.
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