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RFID mine transportation control efficiency is more efficient

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
Mining assets development is an important assignment of resources production-oriented enterprises, guarantee mine resources reasonable science, to ensure that production logging security measures, become the important task of enterprise managers. Generally by the transport vehicles to enter the number of mines to billing, previous billing way is to rely on artificial to register, so easy to get wrong, registration efficiency is low, will cause unnecessary congestion vehicles more busy. Due to the mining area environment, staff is difficult to registration of vehicle on long time outdoors. RFID technology for mine vehicles in and out management system to achieve automatic registration, effectively improve the efficiency of management. RFID technology to realize mining vehicle transportation safety management requirements, how to ensure the accurate measurement of coal in the coal industry, transportation safety, ensure the coal present area against losses became major coal enterprises is an urgent need to solve the problem. 1, to strict management, coal yard transport vehicles in the real time control of the coal yard inside and outside and driving circuit to ensure real-time situation of the transport vehicles ( Such as: whether it is legitimate traffic, put an end to deck vehicles, systems and records and monitoring of mining vehicle comes into play, travel time, weighing, line is in accordance with the regulations, etc. ) 。 2, can monitor scale ( Loadometer) The running situation. Coal material handling, usually adopt to scale according to 'gross weight - Tare weight 'means to weighing the bulk materials. To be uniquely identified and automatic recognition of vehicle. Can automatic control from the management software of material transportation and inventory data, at the same time, to prevent 'a one-two, cart MAO the car back to the skin' and wrongdoing. 3, can make the measurement network management system and loadometer weighing system wireless docking, best can form the intelligent management system. Often get data automatically, automatic scale load feedback center server, and purchasing, inventory and production departments to establish cohesion, form a complete measurement terminal system, the maximum extent, optimize the enterprise internal management process, increases work efficiency. 4, able to provide a query monitoring system, is advantageous for the related personnel through the management system, at any time of a certain coal material vehicle monitoring and tracking. Using RFID technology to manage related transportation vehicles, mainly includes the following parts: tag, bundled with the corresponding vehicle registration. Vehicles into the discrepancy recognition, by loadometer, coal yard, the key route recognition audit vehicle carrying or on-board equipment inspection. Through the network technology to realize local and remote management ( 1) Erection of wired or wireless network, network covers the whole yard operation areas, all job data can be transmitted through fixed RFID read-write device in real time. Stationary RFI, speaking, reading and writing instruments have accept work instructions, job position and work materials are accurate, return to live, and other functions. ( 2) Through operating point data interactive database and computer network, can realize remote real-time query, statistics, summary the job information of each operating point, and generate various reports. Aiming at the existing disadvantages of business management, to take a variety of advanced technology, can fundamentally makes up for the loopholes in management, business process optimization, improve the management level, improve the work efficiency. The whole process (coal transporter 1) Label issue: coal transportation vehicle by background management center label issue for RFID electronic tag ( Divided into the whole issue and site offering two situations) 。 Transport vehicle shall provide measurement number, license plate number, vehicle type, identity information, such as system input measurement number, license plate number, driver information. Vehicles equipped with electronic tags as the only legitimate transport mineral in the future. ( 2) Coal transportation vehicles entering coal weighing: read/write device of automatic identification RFID electronic tag inside the car is legal? On electronic tags was detected vehicle can manually, prevent illegal transport vehicles to transport coal; If the vehicle is detected with authorized electronic tags, vehicles may enter the loadometer weighing, at the same time record the vehicle in time, gross weight, tare weight data and weighing time; If the vehicle is detected with electronic tags and unauthorized vehicles, read and write device will automatically start alarm device, alarm, notify the relevant management personnel for processing, until the problem out. ( 3) Transport vehicles enter coal and quadratic weighing: legal coal transportation vehicles into the coal bunker, coal finished, vehicles entering the second weighing weighing, read and write device at the same time record the vehicle in time, departure time, total weight coal and coal weight at the end of the coal transport vehicle, some legal vehicle into a quadratic weighing not in accordance with the relevant provisions, and direct sailing along the avenue, to the enterprise and national cause enormous economic losses, in full consideration of various factors, designs the install stationary in the turnoff for road transport, speaking, reading and writing or handheld read-write device for inspection, the system formed in the vehicle trajectory. Convenient access to, in order to prevent legal coal car theft countries or enterprises of coal resources. Use of advanced RFID radio frequency products on the Internet of things technology solutions, to effective management of transportation vehicles, the ultimate goal is: to achieve efficient and reliable management platform, real-time control coal transportation situation of mining enterprises, improve the management level of enterprises for coal transportation, prevent artificial loopholes in management and business property losses. return
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