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RFID pallet label for inventory management

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
The rapid development of Internet of things make try different RFID in many areas, and help the RFID intelligence management continue to expand the 'layout'. RFID function keywords: fast, volume, identification, these are all in order to reduce the working strength, improve efficiency. RFID application will solve these problems, such as sea orchid family quick inventory, express delivery industry fast sorting, and today we're going to discuss the warehouse and inventory of output and input. The use of the warehouse, will involve a large number of inbound and outbound goods, inventory and other issues, so the RFID application is one of the first in the warehouse. Although small and low throughput of warehouse can be done using artificial inbound and outbound operations, but when the variety of goods, quantity, batch, there may be a lot of mistakes; Want no error, spend a lot of manpower and time, low efficiency, also can't guarantee a 100% correct speed. At the same time, if installed in and out of the goods at the entrance of the RFID tag and RFID reader, can be read once more in and out of the cargo, greatly improving the work efficiency and accuracy. The software platform can real-time synchronization data, and realize the rapid and inventory inventory. At the same time, the warehouse has realized the intelligent fast output and input and inventory. Designed by Glodbridge 'RFID warehouse output and input and inventory systems, through rapid identification tray at the top of the RFID tag ( RFID pallet tags) , can quickly calculate the goods and input the exact number of data collection is fast, accurate and without error. It can greatly reduce the output and input, inventory, warehouse data processing and query statistics. RFID reader can realize multiple perspectives, many label, remote quickly identify; Visual information platform and real-time control storage and inventory is very convenient.
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