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RFID parking lot management set up the new image of property management

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
Along with the social economy rapid development, people living standard unceasing enhancement, domestic car has been into a lot of families. In recent years, various types of vehicles, especially the rapid growth of private cars has become an important symbol of economic level, at the same time, the construction of transport infrastructure, vehicle safety management is each city construction planners are increasingly facing an important issue. RFID CARDS by user's vehicle parking management run in and out of the parking lot of the process as the center, based on RFID technology, the use of RFID tags or electronic license plate vehicles, vehicle information to users' personal and have centralized database, remote (at the time of vehicles into the parking lot, 3 - 10 meters) Automatic induction identification vehicle information, so that the owner parking quick entry. RFID parking lot management set up the new image of property management. Remote sensing based on RFID technology in the parking lot management is one of the more advanced automated parking management approach, is the trend of the development of the parking lot management way, its security, stability and degree of automation is out of reach for artificial management. Its not fake, anti-jamming, resilient, quick recognition, intelligent diagnostic no doubt will give all types of yard management provides a new solution. This system can realize in and out of no parking, automatic recognition, automatic registration, the function such as automatic release, background management software can realize the implementation of check in and out of the vehicle information, in and out of time to query, report forms and multiple functions such as payment information for record and remind. RFID parking lot management function has the following advantages: fast moving targets can be identified: because the system between the identification card and read card system effective distance of 10 meters, can identify fast moving objects. Such as 20 ~ 40 kilometers per hour with card vehicles. High confidentiality: identification equipment and the identification card provides users with a unique identification code, fundamentally eliminate the copy, counterfeit and the phenomenon of cheating. In the system, each identification card has a unique identification code in the world, this code may not be recoding or modified. In the process of work, identification card to produce composite coding is a kind of unique identification number, sent back by the card after decoding of composite signal must contain the correct card number encrypted information, so as to achieve highly confidential. Good safety and anti-interference, using broad spectrum fh work mode, strong anti-interference ability, target recognition, the anti-collision newsletter agreement, effective conflict prevention mechanism of binary tree, and not be restricted by the work area tag number and impact, can effectively read as many as 50 per second. High adaptability: the requirements of this system on the installation environment is low, adaptable from - 30 ℃ to + 85 ℃ environment. Strict charge management: for the artificial way of payment in cash on the one hand, the intensity of labor is big, efficiency is low, another major drawback is financially resulting in the loss of a lot of loopholes and cash. After using radio frequency intelligent parking lot management system, all the vehicle's charging is through the computer identification and statistics, to eliminate the errors and cheating, the protection of the rights of investors in the yard. High degree of safety management: a card one car, data archiving, ensure the safety of yard parking vehicles. Artificial flowers, CARDS, hard to avoid omissions, because there is no record to check at any time, throw the car lost or false phenomenon occurs frequently, bring so much trouble to the parking lot and economic losses. Adopt the automatic control system, rent card and card while consumers are record the corresponding information in the computer, card lost after can fill in a timely manner. When rent card loss can also be retrieved at any time, handle in time. Under with image contrast equipment at the same time, have a license plate number on file for all kinds of parking card, a card is special, the license plate is wrong, computer hint at any time, and warned that may leave. The operation is simple and durable: full automatic operation process, saves manpower and time saving. This system adopts the passive radio frequency identification card, free maintenance, long service life and fully sealed, contactless, dustproof, waterproof, so don't need to open the gate, the system automatically read card, check card, open the gate. Intelligent parking lot management system through remote passive radio frequency identification technology to prevent the human factors damage and interference to the parking lot management, realize scientific management, property management area parking lot of intelligent building, can control cost loss, improve operational efficiency, ensure the vehicle safety. RFID technology has been widely used nowadays, is because of its characteristics of selective diversity, including ultra-high frequency technology and active technology and using the technique of low cost. In addition, the use of magnetic stripe and induction card of traditional access control system is gradually replaced by RFID technology of safe and convenient. return
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