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RFID penetration of entrance guard system applications

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
RFID technology start earlier, you can see in various industries. For security industry, RFID technology is a mature and stable, for entrance guard system is very simple, RFID card contains information, used for authentication management. According to different working frequency, the RFID technology can be divided into low frequency ( LF) The high frequency ( HF) , UHF and microwave frequency ( MW) 。 At present, the technology of the low frequency and high frequency applications almost RFID market share of 70%. Application mainly is low frequency and high frequency technology in different fields, such as entrance card, id card, card, etc. , their application is relatively mature. On the contrary, due to the limitation of cost and technology level, uhf and microwave application range is relatively narrow. However, under the impetus of the national policy, uhf and microwave began to rapid development. Due to the two frequencies can realize long-distance identification, thus to identify the number of relatively large, they will become the main trend of the future. The application of UHF technology mainly logistics, asset management, food and drug traceability, highway tolls, hospital patients and doctors, coal mine personnel positioning system, etc.
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