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RFID 泛谈 retail industry

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
Retail is one of the most potential for RFID applications. Every day we can see from the RFID in domestic and foreign enterprises shows RFID solutions for retail, supermarkets and successful cases. Some companies in the United States census found that RFID technology application at present in the world's largest retail, each year about 4 billion RFID tags applied in this, and the annual growth rate of more than 30%. The present question is that retail application oriented RFID chips and readers, there are still some technical difficulties. From the perspective of technology: the first is the chip storage stability, ultra-low power consumption chip storage, low cost around one over ten thousand in the practical application of storage failure, many rfid data loss ( Almost all of the chip suppliers have problems) Caused a lot of trouble for automation read ( And this problem is already 20 years of technical problems have not been) ; Then there are readers read rate, more than 100 pieces of clothes read quickly in a short time, the performance of the reader demand is higher and higher, The past focus on reading distance, now pay more attention to read rate) 。 All technology development is in a different direction until further studies to ensure the development of the industry, is the same as the RFID technology, continuous improvement, and look forward to RFID technology application of broader, more in-depth development. return
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