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RFID sanitation pickup wisdom construction platform regulation

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
With the high quality of life, the protection of the link has been added, the importance of HuanWeiChu also appears more and more prominent. Due to the rapid urban construction, some of the limitations of technology or management, HuanWeiChu the management of sanitation trucks faces many challenges. The number and distribution situation of sanitation, guarantee number of garbage collection implementation in place, to ensure the nissan nissin, timely transport landfill, timely scheduling and will become an important part of the sanitation pickup regulation. Sanitation work tools mainly sanitation trucks and trash cans. RFID technology through each link in the automatic acquisition of information, for more intelligent sanitation, RFID sanitation pickup wisdom construction platform regulation. Digital sanitation management platform is a comprehensive application of computer technology, wireless network technology, GIS geographical information technology, video monitoring technology, through the establishment of a unified management system, implementation of sanitation work effect and sanitation vehicle terminals, sanitation, waste disposal of the prison officer, and monitored for health and the environment, make the sanitation work to early detection and rapid solution. RFID trash pickup regulation through the on-board uhf RFID read-write device equipment installed inside the garbage truck, in the dustbin outside paste bin identification uhf RFID tag. When the garbage truck began to load and unload garbage, the car of uhf RFID read-write equipment will be read by the operating on the dustbin of uhf RFID tag. RFID equipment identification, speaking, reading and writing into the dustbin of operation time and the RFID electronic tag ID, through the vehicle to transmit data to the terminal server, said it would have done clean up trash can, the trash can just be said qing came today already. Within 24 hours of state have been cleaning the garbage can, the real green in terminal system operation interface; More than 24 hours, if you did not receive the label for the bin data terminal server, has said the trash can not reverse, the status of the trash is considered outstanding, and has set up a red represented in the system operation interface. So that each bin operating time and electronic tag ID information system will be recorded. Realize the digital management of city garbage clean-up. 1, the management of construction waste residue in China mostly in QiYunDian and collector points to set up the RFID tag reads ( Hand-held device or stationary, speaking, reading and writing, situation where conditions permit can be installed in the car drivers and discharging slag) , installed in sediment transport vehicle RFID electronic tag, combined with smartphones and ordered development of APP, can regulation of residue in the whole process of transportation, for the supervision, the residue in the billing of the vehicles to provide data basis. 2, life garbage truck management is divided into two kinds, one kind is the pickup, sanitation garbage on the uhf, speaking, reading and writing device and wireless data transmission equipment installation, read the bin label transmission to the cloud, monitor recycling garbage, garbage trucks condition permits can add the weight of the intelligent weighing equipment calculation of a barrel of garbage information; Another kind is the living garbage truck, management way is installed on the loading and unloading end RFID uhf remote reading and writing, vehicle to install the RFID electronic tag above, living garbage transport flow regulation and vehicle counting. 3, eat hutch waste management, eat hutch waste due to the existence of the cooking oil increased the supervision over the years, with the RFID radio frequency identification count and intelligent weighing equipment is the optimal solution, using the counting method of eat hutch garbage source, destination, quantity, QingYunLiang, real-time online monitoring, the rate of the regulation of collector process including whether the collector, whether on time according to the collector line work, whether collector process specification, etc. The main purpose is to oversee the collector in the process of standardized operation, to avoid illegal transfer, and the ability to provide funds and settlement basis for the department in charge of finance. 4 belongs to dangerous waste and medical waste, ministry of health in our country stipulates that the hospital medical waste must be sealed storage, stocks, personal transportation, medical waste incineration, must be conducted to ensure the sterilization and avoid environmental pollution, are not allowed to recycle and reuse in any form. Disposal of medical waste and medical care, urban construction, environmental protection, scientific research, and other departments, need each link to strengthen cooperation, increase the regulation. With RFID technology with GPS technology, GPRS technology to realize visualization of medical waste transportation management and real-time positioning on the basis of high speed, efficient information network platform and EDI as the backbone technology of medical waste supervisory system of RFID, for environmental protection departments in the whole process of the realization of medical waste treatment process regulation provides the basis of information support and assurance. return
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