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RFID stop wallet can ensure that your credit card security

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
As we all know the importance of information security. In today's society, people call it the information age. This shows the importance of information, also shows that the information security in the position of the more special. Many TV media reported that someone find the card in your body, but the money was somehow stole in foreign travel. What happened? You may not know, for a long time, many people in the understanding of information security and confidentiality of the banking system there are two mistakes. The first is that many people think that the communication itself formed their own private network. In my own network transmission of personal information should be very safe. Will not be stolen. The second misunderstanding is that they think that every bank in the terminal to the customer's information security is encrypted, so my information should not be decrypted. But now, as the economy, the rapid development of science and technology, information encryption technology has developed to a high level, almost reached the limit. And the corresponding decryption technology also has developed to a high level. Therefore, this is a pair of contradiction. If you are still in the level of protection of bank security system, it is bound to cause damage to property. Because you may accidentally steal personal information during the trip, but you don't know. Therefore, we encourage everyone to use a variety of techniques to protect personal information security. At present, can effectively block the NFC/RFID scan information of RFID aluminum wallet purse is the ideal choice for your travel. Aluminum box easy to open and close - credit card They have a simple buckle. The appearance of modern hard leather purse can protect your card from demagnetization and the influence of the weather, its function design can easily access each card. Easily found in the wallet, and completely suitable for people's pockets.
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