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RFID tag specification bottled water market

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
With people's living standards improve, the demand for healthy life all the more important, bottled drinking water rising prosperity of the market, is a true portrayal. Due to this part of the rigid requirements related to health, food safety, make the barrel the kinds of aquatic products is becoming more and more rich. Components, characteristics and taste of products covers almost all sorts of scenes of everyday life, its price is also very confusion. In the face of such market, how to distinguish the internal differences of various products and use what means to provide consumers with a relatively rational choice basis and food security, it becomes very important. The first, of course, is to maximize reflects the high quality water source co. , the intrinsic value of natural resources, the second is to provide a series of is directly related to drinking water hygiene and safety of the product information service, this will form a, consumer and market circulation and so on many of our products are good industrial development foundation. Due to the terminal operators hands completely in the hands of the aquatic products, price, products of consumer users and make drinking water production enterprise can not be truly effective supervision and management of its own products and services. Even how consumers choose bottled water brand, basic is determined by service strong guidance; Sales of money collecting slower, not timely feedback to the users and the market demand change condition such as water companies is difficult to improve. All kinds of problems in service, often also to consumer choice in a way to solve the water stations. Is more serious is the proportion among them is amazing false water problems. These problems the certain extent hindered the bottled drinking water to expand market development, the reasonable solutions to these problems inevitably for drinking water production, supply, service and consumption bring huge development space. The introduction of RFID technology, implanted ultra high frequency electronic tags inside the bucket, use of the Internet of things bottled water production enterprise informationization means calibration, water, and aquatic products in itself, can be in the production, supply and service consumption, recycling old barrel set up a record, query, traceability, can be regulated and quick feedback information platform. On the platform, relevant government departments and efficient supervision. Bottled drinking water quality and safety of our products become the most basic service function. In addition, the electronic label calibration for bottled water and the drinking water production enterprise, the water source and all kinds of aquatic products to provide accurate, real and effective digital certification. Such information authentication not only is advantageous to the consumer market of fine, accurate classification, can more truly reflect the intrinsic value of different aquatic products and water companies own brand value. The electronic information carrier ( Ultra high frequency electronic tags) Introduction of data security policies can ShiJia water nowhere to hide hide something again, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. return
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