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RFID tags are five of the most common problem?

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
We often encounter customers advice about how to choose the right RFID tags, how to get the best read/write performance, what's the difference between similar products & ensp; Market, as well as the tag installation method and how to be more stable in the metal environment. We summarized some of the most easy to mention customer problems, unified answer. 1. It is recommended to use what kind of RFID metal tag proof? For specific applications need to consider many factors when choosing a tag, such as the price tag, label size and shape, but need more & ensp; Considering the distance and the label material, on the surface of the material, installation method and the impact on the environment ( Including metal, humidity, current, and other factors) These factors related to the durability of label and read and write performance. To achieve high quality and reliable tag reading and writing need to analyze the environment of multiple variables. 2. Why there are some differences between tag reading and? Write a distance and experimental data? Labels will be according to the application environment of some design adjustment, such as adding protective coating or make clearance to avoid direct install metal tags. These practices may degrade the performance of the label, lead to the difference between actual performance and the initial design. In most cases, the RFID tags will lose a because of the influence of the application environment, a certain amount of read and write distance, especially when the tags embedded metal or installed in polymetallic environment. Common label will temporarily keep some performance, but in order to achieve sustained and stable performance, the tag you must choose consistent with the label tag. Application environment. 3. How to install the label in the asset? In ensuring that the label in the bad environment, speaking, reading and writing, after installation of tags to be a problem, it is also one of the biggest challenges of RFID applications. High - Performance of metal tags can resist high temperature or immersed in liquid, but the adhesive on the reverse of the label may not be able to afford it. The ideal application is embedded in the asset tag, as much as possible to ensure that the external environment, but in practice, the embedded method may not be able to meet the actual demand. Adhesive on the back of one of the most commonly used method is to install the tag, adhesive needs comprehensive analysis applications. Extreme cold conditions can also affect the performance of the adhesive and lead to label brittle, this need to carefully consider the label storage and working temperature. Not all applications can use glue to install the label, other common bolt installation method, rotating belt hanging or epoxy resin adhesive, etc. 4. Application environment potential interference sources is what? Not directly attached on the metal label does not mean that it will not be metal interference. If the asset is surrounded by metal, or more metal in the surrounding environment, it by judicious use of tags may be necessary to ensure consistent and reliable performance. 5. RFID tags can be used in all high temperature applications? Unnecessary. A variety of different applications require labels to withstand high temperature. Label design, for example, used in dry and hot environment cannot be used for steam pressure sterilizer or other high temperature applications. High temperature RFID tag specially designed for different types of applications, in order to meet the needs of different high temperature RFID applications, such as car coating workshop, medical high temperature and high pressure steam sterilization.
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